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I feel like I have been gone forever because quite frankly I have been!  This is my first post for the majority for 2014.  A lot has been happening as well as changing here on the Thousand Acre Wood, but I will be back soon to tell you all about it.  Thank you for all the emails and comments while I was away and cannot wait to catch up with you all once I return.

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  1. I disappeared for two years, so a few months is nothing! ;) Glad to have you back, Jessa! <3

  2. Two years? its just like days when you weren't here. We're happy that you're back.

  3. everyone here misses you... wishing to hear n updates from you.. take care.
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  4. We are glad because you're back.. It really doesn't matter how many years you've been gone.

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xx Jessa

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