Ugly Christmas Sweaters & Colder Weather...

It's snowing!  It always feels like we barely see fall before winter is in full storm.   We don't tend to see a lot of snow on the ranch but last night we got about six inches which is the perfect amount for a snow day.  Kenai has never seen snow.  He's just about five months old and being a summer baby this is a brand new experience for him.  I thought that he would be a little hesitant about it, as his confidence is still that of a puppy, but the minute we opened the door 'Mani tore out into the familiar fluff with Kenai right on his heels.  

He is so in love with the stuff and it was so funny to watch him tear through it with 'Mani jumping from patch to patch trying his best to keep up.   I kept making snowballs and throwing them out into the powder knowing Kenai would spend at least five minutes attempting to locate them amongst the sea of white.  Poor guy never did find any off them, but he seemed to enjoy using his nose to try!  I cannot believe how big he is already getting either!  I would guess to say he is about 60-70 pounds at this point and he already stands almost as tall as CR when on his back legs.  

Incase you were wondering where I got my awesome ugly t-shirt sweater it's from Skip 'N Whistle and it's part of their holiday line.  They have everything from uincorns to kitties on their shirts which is such a fun twist on the classic ugly Christmas sweater!  I had to have the dino one because nothing says Christmas quite like dinosaurs!  My jeans are from ModCoth and my marshmallow boots are so old they probably don't even make them anymore.  I sure do love those ugly things!  

Anyone else getting lots of snow yet?

Shirt: c/o Skip 'N Whistle  //  Jeans: ModCloth  //  Boots: Really Old

If you must have your own ugly Christmas sweater use code "SANTA" for 20% off!

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I've been sitting on these photos for months now!  Back in September I had the most exciting experience of meeting one of my internet pals for the first time.  Kelsi, over at Brightersides, lived in Seattle when we first started talking and we would laugh and joke about who would be first to make the 15 hour trip.  When she moved all the way to Oklahoma City I thought it would be forever before it actually happened.  Long story short, Kelsi decided Seattle was where her roots were and during her week road trip, stopped to stay with us for two days.

When you've spent so much time getting to know someone (without ever meeting face-to-face) you get a common anxiety of how that first meeting will go in real life,  "Am I going to be awkward?"  "Am I making them feel awkward?".   You can get so worried that the person may not be comfortable with you or worse not even like you in person!  This wasn't the case at all (minus our general awkward nature) and we were talking and laughing almost instantly.

We decide to spend her second day up in the Yosemite Valley just being tourists.  The smoke was so thick from the Rim Fire that you could barely even make out Half Dome but that didn't stop us from spending the day laughing, getting lost, and being those two crazy girls in the woods!   I don't ever think I will forget the faces of two foreigners who watched us follow a squirrel around like a tour guide!

It was so great having Kelsi here for those two days and I will admit I was pretty sad to see her go.  Can't wait until we head up to Washington next time!

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Being Stuck...

Skirt:  Burlington Coat Factory (similar) //  Top: Forever21  //  Shoes:  Minnetonka  // Necklace: Vintage

I feel like I am stuck.  Like lately I am just settling for the everyday instead of trying to branch out and try something new.  When I find something that works it's not uncommon for me to become obsessive and monotonous with it.  It's kind of like the saying "If it isn't broke, don't fix it," but that's not how I want to live.  I love exploring options and breaking from routine so when I began to notice that most of my wardrobe consisted of high hemmed dresses and button up tops I felt like I needed to start making a solid effort to think outside my own box.

I love little dresses.  I just feel comfortable in them.  Which is so odd really, as in high school you wouldn't see me caught dead in anything other than a band T and a pair of Dickies, but that all seems so foreign to me now.  I enjoy the simplicity of slipping on a dress, paired with some shoes, and being done with it, but that hasn't been the only thing in my bubble becoming mundane.  Even my hair styling (admittedly, something I use to enjoy) has become more of a routine with little creative endeavor to be had.

I think having a signature can be a good thing.  Quirks are what make us unique, while our signature is what makes us recognizable, even when those quirks may change.  I am not sure that I want a whole signature look.  I like variety way too much!  So when I went shopping to stock up on some more, much needed, winter garments I decided to try my hardest to stay away from dresses and blouses as best I could.  I stocked up on quite a few sweaters, jeans, and a jersey maxi skirt all of which are way out of my norm.  For Thanksgiving I decided to pair the two most untypical items for me and see how it all felt.  I paired the jersey skirt with a short sleeved cropped sweater (two of the items I have forever avoided) and paired it all with my Minnetonkas (those I just can't shy away from)!  

It feels good to add some variety, style my hair in a different way, and experiment with my style choices and even though I don't quite feel comfortable yet, at least I have my go to items as a security blanket while I test the waters!  

Do you have a security blanket item(s) that you can't live without?

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