Backpack, backpack...

It's well over halfway through semester but I have somehow managed to survive without an actual backpack to carry all my belongings in.  I usually have just my laptop bag and my purse, but as the paper load begins to build up from months of schooling, my poor bags have all but bursted at the seams.  I am extremely picky about backpacks.  Most of the bags I am drawn to are not intended for functionality but more fashion-ality (that is so not a word but eh, my mental dictionary is full of those!).    

When sent me an email (while in class my I add) I was totally stoked as they have such an awesome selection of practical bags in actual cute prints and patterns!   What a concept!  They must have sensed my frustration and offered me a bag of my choice.  My decision was pretty easy as this Roxy brand bag came with a little matching pencil bag that quickly became my new makeup case for my morning wait.  I have to be at school by 7 AM, with CR, just to ensure we have parking for the day.  Getting up around 3 AM is plenty early enough without having to worry about getting my makeup done too so I usually reserve this part of my day for the parking lot wait.  So now, with my little case in tow, I just spend my two hours of dead time before class, bobbing around to some Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros while powdering my face in the rear view.

Now I can finally retire my sad little laptop bag for it's intended purpose and take a little weight off for the rest of the semester now and for that, I thank you!

Dress:  Forever21  //  Backpack:  Roxy Baby Feather c/o Surfdome  //  Shoes: Thrifted

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Jerseydale Ranch...

It seems like forever since I have visited an actual pumpkin patch.  As we made the trip to the Jerseydale Ranch we both had to ponder when our last pumpkin patch experience was only to realize I don't think we have ever been to one together.  We had a senior portrait session on Sunday and decided to leave a little early so we could check out the grounds and pick up some seasonal treats and decorations.  The pumpkin patch is so cute with corn mazes, fire pits, wooden bridges, and practically any type of pumpkin you could desire.  So we loaded up on everything from decorative pumpkins to squash, and of course a giant bag of pomegranates.  I am obsessed with fresh pomegranate and at a dollar a pound I couldn't resist.   We'll definitely be coming back in the years to come as it was well worth the little journey!

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In the middle...

It feels so good to be blogging again!  I love what I do for a living but the blog is something I do just for me.  It's my little hobby, my personal project, my love.  With everything going on it's been so frustrating to look at the clock and realize the sun has set and there is no time left for me, personally, and what I want.  I am always so worried about deadlines and ensuring customers and clients do not have to wait lengthy amounts of time to get their orders.  It's not them, it's me... I am constantly rushing myself and creating unrealistic deadlines.

Lately I have decided to take a step back and pace myself.  I have expanded delivery times and my clients are just so awesome about it!  I have also decided not to feel like I have to dive back into full time blogging.  This has been one of my greatest downfalls in recent months.  I feel like that if I am going to start blogging again I've got to do it six days a week like I used to, which isn't realistic right this moment nor after taking such an extended absence!  So I am just working back into it and I can already start to feel that buzz of creative juices flow a little.  It's a great feeling because I honestly thought it was a lost cause for a second there!

So this is what I wore, today actually!  A little while back, when life was a bit in the dumps, my friend Eeka, sent me this adorable little scarf as a pick-me-up.  I have known Eeka since the VERY start of my blog and she is always so sweet to me.  I have been waiting for the weather to give, more in the middle of hot and cold, so that I could finally sport it.   The dress is from Forever21 which seems to currently be a pretty large staple of my wardrobe and the boots were an awesome thrift find!  I am so excited about them and at $8 I couldn't be more thrilled.  They are actually knee highs though I am a bit hesitant to wear them unrolled.  With my height I feel like I would have to wear a tunic, as a dress, in order for them not to touch the bottom of my hem!  So we'll see but luckily I like them just fine rolled down, perfect for fall.

Dress:  Forever 21  //  Scarf:  Gifted by Live, Love, Random  //  Boots:  Thrifted

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14 Weeks...

Age: 14 Weeks
Weight: 46 Lbs
Current Food Intake: 5 Cups a day
Current Nicknames: Tank, Nature Boy, & Woodchuck 
Current Obsession: Wood and Rocks
Current Dislike: Helicopters 
What I Miss: 
Being able to hold him like a baby and watching him trip over his ears.
What I Can't Get Enough Of: 
Watching him and 'Mani going on nature walks together.  They make quite the pair and 'Mani is acting like a pup again.

I cannot believe how much he has grown already!  I have been needing to get my camera out about once every two weeks just to ensure I capture at least a moment of all his puppy phases.  They are just going by so fast!  He is starting to develop more grace these past two weeks and rarely trips over his ears like he once did.  I miss it but I am less paranoid of him tripping down the stairs, which is a good thing!  He has become 'Mani's big shadow which is too cute!  I love just watching them wondering through the field or into the barn knowing that they will wait for each other while keeping a look out.  

Now this whole rock and wood infatuation is a new one for me thus the nickname, Woodchuck.  None of our dogs have had this uncontrollable desire to eat everything they find!  Even 'Mani seems puzzled by the whole thing.  He will come bounding up to see if he somehow missed the clinking sound of the treat jar, only to discover Kenai is chopping on a stick and not a biscuit.  This leads to 'Mani practically shaking his little head and walking away, so I guess I am not the only one who just doesn't get it!   

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On Campus...

This last week was midterms.  Luckily most of classes did not have any sort of test or project but the ones that did were awful.  I am horrible at taking tests.  It's just not one of my strong suits.  I get horribly anxious, restless, and constantly second guess every question to every answer.  You can just imagine how long tests take me with that mentality, but I survived... I hope!

School has been a major adjustment.  Whenever I hear that someone is working full time while taking on a full class load, I can't help but applaud them.  It just sounds exhausting and it has been.  There are some days when I can barely even bring myself to look at a computer.  By the end of my fourteen hour class day I am just over it... done... my eyes are tired, my vision blurred and I just want to close them for the next day or so!  Not a good combo when your job is also on the computer.

I also get so frustrated that I can't really take photos on campus.  My campus isn't exactly in what you would call the safest neighborhood.  Last week there was a shooting on campus while I was in between classes and they didn't even put out an alert!  The only reason I was even aware was the sounds and then the gardeners started freaking out and radioing "Shots!  Shots!!  Shots fired in parking lot E!"  Doesn't exactly make you feel all that comfortable walking around with a grand of photo equipment on a tripod!  

Anyways, so this is what I wore for midterms... just a quick snapshot courtesy of CR before class.  My new Ever+Mi.Crush items arrived and I was so eager to wear this top, that I wore my new skirt again.  It actually worked out quite nicely though as this skirt is super comfortable and airy.  I am excited to layer it come winter and glad I got to wear the top before the colder days set in.  I also need to make a note to buy at least another pair of Minnetonka's... they have become one of my go to pairs of shoes for school and it's starting to show a little!  haha

Anyone else have to suffer through midterms this last week?

Shirt: Ever+Mi.Crush  //  Skirt: c/o Ever+Mi.Crush  //  Shoes: Minnetonka  //  Necklace: c/o Cozy Couture Boutique 

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A new spin on things...

I have straight hair, like stupid straight hair.  So straight that I cannot walk past a hair product kiosk without them trying to sell me a straightener.  Like I must burn through them with the amount of straightening I must do to my hair.  I know this to be true because when I simply reply "Oh, no thank you... I don't use heat on my hair" the looks are comical.  First shock, then an air as if they are being deceived.  

But it's the truth... I just have really straight hair and most of the time it drives me crazy!  I love curl and I love the way curl looks on gals with rounder shaped faces.  I've tried foam rollers, hot rollers, curling irons, crimping irons, braids, pin curls... shoot I have even tried the hair straightener method only to have limp and possibly kinky hair within the hour.  When I saw an ad for Curlformers I thought, why not?  No heat is good and I can always return them if they suck!  But they are awesome!!!  

So now, hours later, I still have a full head of curls and I am even debating saying good-bye to my straight bangs in exchange for curly ones.   What do you think?  OH!  And I love this dress I just scored during a 50% off sale, sale at Forever21.  I've been calling it "My REM dress" cause it actually looks A LOT like him!  haha

Dress:  Forever21  //  Shoes:  ModCloth  //  Bracelets:  c/o Cozy Couture Boutique

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Awkward should be the new sexy...

Maybe I am the only woman who feels this way, maybe I am not, but I hate trying to be sexy.  Maybe that's the problem right there... I am trying to be sexy.  I just find the whole concept of posing in a sexy manner to be absolutely hilarious!  I can barely make it through one pose before I am either cracking up or making funny smirks at the camera, while for others, it seems to come so natural.   

I didn't use to be this way.  In fact, when I was in my late teens and beginning of my twenties ALL my photos seemed to have a sultry air to them without even trying.  Maybe it was the long black hair and the over extended use of black eyeliner?  Maybe it was partially due to not developing a chest until the age of 17, thus becoming so infatuated with them, I felt obligated to have them front and center?  Whatever the case, it couldn't be any further from the person I am today! 

If in high school you would have said "aw, you're so cute!" I would have been mortified!  Now?  I find it to be a high complement.  Tell me I look hot?  I will instantly feel the need to add a couple more layers to my current attire!  I like feeling cute and dolly and dressed up in frills and flowers.  Maybe this feeling that I need to be more "womanly" (as some have implied) has stemed from my upcoming birthday, but I say screw it!  I like being girly and quirky and I vote that awkward should be the new sexy!  HA!
Dress: ASOS  //  Shirt: Thrifted  //  Shoes: Thrifted  //  Headband: Forever 21

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