I've been sitting on these photos for months now!  Back in September I had the most exciting experience of meeting one of my internet pals for the first time.  Kelsi, over at Brightersides, lived in Seattle when we first started talking and we would laugh and joke about who would be first to make the 15 hour trip.  When she moved all the way to Oklahoma City I thought it would be forever before it actually happened.  Long story short, Kelsi decided Seattle was where her roots were and during her week road trip, stopped to stay with us for two days.

When you've spent so much time getting to know someone (without ever meeting face-to-face) you get a common anxiety of how that first meeting will go in real life,  "Am I going to be awkward?"  "Am I making them feel awkward?".   You can get so worried that the person may not be comfortable with you or worse not even like you in person!  This wasn't the case at all (minus our general awkward nature) and we were talking and laughing almost instantly.

We decide to spend her second day up in the Yosemite Valley just being tourists.  The smoke was so thick from the Rim Fire that you could barely even make out Half Dome but that didn't stop us from spending the day laughing, getting lost, and being those two crazy girls in the woods!   I don't ever think I will forget the faces of two foreigners who watched us follow a squirrel around like a tour guide!

It was so great having Kelsi here for those two days and I will admit I was pretty sad to see her go.  Can't wait until we head up to Washington next time!

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  1. What lovely photos! It's so nice that you got meet in real life. xxx

  2. That's so cool that you got to meet in real life! It looks like you two had a lot of fun!

  3. Very cute pictures!!! I hope we get to meet someday too!!!


  4. Hey! That last picture is taken perfectly! Pretty awesome!

  5. It's so fantastic that you have finally met each other! I'm so busy with writing testimonials on PapersLead that I'm not quite sure when I will meet my own Internet friends irl.


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