Happy Birthday to Me...

Dress:  c/o  EShakti  //  Shoes:  Minnetonka

This week was my birthday but sadly I didn't get to do much, by means of celebrating, as it was on a 15 hour school day.  Not that I mind all that much, to me, a day is just a day and you can celebrate whenever you please!   So instead we decided to pack up a little lunch and the pups to head out for a little impromptu picnic.  I like peaceful, relaxing birthdays but I will share more on that later.

One of my favorite things about birthdays is being able to get dressed up however you please, buy yourself balloons, chocolates, shoes, whatever... and no one dares to tell you otherwise!  Sure people were staring at the pink haired, balloon toting, girl walking through the parking lot, but I just put on my "hey it's my birthday and I'll do what I want to" strut and walked on by.  Much easier to do when you are all dressed up and feeling good!

I always feel so confident in my EShakti pieces and was so excited when this dress arrived in time for my birthday.  It's always so difficult for me to pick a piece from their site but I fell in love with this dress immediately with it's super fitted bodice and flared skirt.  It's such a flattering cut and, as always, it fits me perfectly.   Has to be one of my favorite items to date and I am so excited to layer it in different ways for winter!  Definitely well worth the celebration wait and perfect timing for a perfect birthday dress!

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  1. Happy birthday!! You're so creative & free spirited... a breath of fresh air (:

  2. Well happy birthday gorgeous! I haven't visited you in a long time! I hope your day is the best ever!


  3. Happy birthday to you! You look stunning and your hair is beautiful.



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