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This last week was midterms.  Luckily most of classes did not have any sort of test or project but the ones that did were awful.  I am horrible at taking tests.  It's just not one of my strong suits.  I get horribly anxious, restless, and constantly second guess every question to every answer.  You can just imagine how long tests take me with that mentality, but I survived... I hope!

School has been a major adjustment.  Whenever I hear that someone is working full time while taking on a full class load, I can't help but applaud them.  It just sounds exhausting and it has been.  There are some days when I can barely even bring myself to look at a computer.  By the end of my fourteen hour class day I am just over it... done... my eyes are tired, my vision blurred and I just want to close them for the next day or so!  Not a good combo when your job is also on the computer.

I also get so frustrated that I can't really take photos on campus.  My campus isn't exactly in what you would call the safest neighborhood.  Last week there was a shooting on campus while I was in between classes and they didn't even put out an alert!  The only reason I was even aware was the sounds and then the gardeners started freaking out and radioing "Shots!  Shots!!  Shots fired in parking lot E!"  Doesn't exactly make you feel all that comfortable walking around with a grand of photo equipment on a tripod!  

Anyways, so this is what I wore for midterms... just a quick snapshot courtesy of CR before class.  My new Ever+Mi.Crush items arrived and I was so eager to wear this top, that I wore my new skirt again.  It actually worked out quite nicely though as this skirt is super comfortable and airy.  I am excited to layer it come winter and glad I got to wear the top before the colder days set in.  I also need to make a note to buy at least another pair of Minnetonka's... they have become one of my go to pairs of shoes for school and it's starting to show a little!  haha

Anyone else have to suffer through midterms this last week?

Shirt: Ever+Mi.Crush  //  Skirt: c/o Ever+Mi.Crush  //  Shoes: Minnetonka  //  Necklace: c/o Cozy Couture Boutique 

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  1. I never liked taking pictures of campus. It just seemed really cliche.
    This might also be because my photo teachers would criticize pictures of campus.

    1. Mine does too! Actually, most pictures in general! haha

  2. Whoaaaaa no alerts over a shooting? That's terrifying!! :( I didn't take any classes this year so no midterms. I only took math classes last year and those were pretty much hell. 11-15 hours of nonstop work and I have NO IDEA how others could even be a full time student.

    Your outfit issss cute! :)

  3. Dang, girl! I do know how you feel, though. Working downtown gives me the willies and mini-panic attacks multiple times a week. Just the other day, some dirty, shirtless guy started chasing after me yelling, "F*** you! F*** you!" That's why I refuse to go walking by myself at work and I'm glad you have CR with you, too! Safety in numbers, right?

  4. Seriously lovely outfit! Adore the top so much! x
    Lemon Freckles


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