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It feels so good to be blogging again!  I love what I do for a living but the blog is something I do just for me.  It's my little hobby, my personal project, my love.  With everything going on it's been so frustrating to look at the clock and realize the sun has set and there is no time left for me, personally, and what I want.  I am always so worried about deadlines and ensuring customers and clients do not have to wait lengthy amounts of time to get their orders.  It's not them, it's me... I am constantly rushing myself and creating unrealistic deadlines.

Lately I have decided to take a step back and pace myself.  I have expanded delivery times and my clients are just so awesome about it!  I have also decided not to feel like I have to dive back into full time blogging.  This has been one of my greatest downfalls in recent months.  I feel like that if I am going to start blogging again I've got to do it six days a week like I used to, which isn't realistic right this moment nor after taking such an extended absence!  So I am just working back into it and I can already start to feel that buzz of creative juices flow a little.  It's a great feeling because I honestly thought it was a lost cause for a second there!

So this is what I wore, today actually!  A little while back, when life was a bit in the dumps, my friend Eeka, sent me this adorable little scarf as a pick-me-up.  I have known Eeka since the VERY start of my blog and she is always so sweet to me.  I have been waiting for the weather to give, more in the middle of hot and cold, so that I could finally sport it.   The dress is from Forever21 which seems to currently be a pretty large staple of my wardrobe and the boots were an awesome thrift find!  I am so excited about them and at $8 I couldn't be more thrilled.  They are actually knee highs though I am a bit hesitant to wear them unrolled.  With my height I feel like I would have to wear a tunic, as a dress, in order for them not to touch the bottom of my hem!  So we'll see but luckily I like them just fine rolled down, perfect for fall.

Dress:  Forever 21  //  Scarf:  Gifted by Live, Love, Random  //  Boots:  Thrifted

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  1. Urgh I totally know the feeling. The last month has been one of the businest months of my life, and there was just no time for blogging, which I really missed. But naturally things have slowed down and I've begun to think like a blogger again. You know when instead of looking at a project or an outfit and thinking 'I need to get this done and now!' you think of it in terms of a blog post and how you're going to photograph it, or write about it. I tend to write the way I think anyways so maybe this is just unique to me.

    But I guess what I'm saying is, look after yourself and when you can take time for yourself. I love to see your smiling face any time even when it just can't be 6 days a week.


  2. Love this dress! And what a lucky find, those boots! :) I'm so glad you've been posting more!

    <3 Megan


  3. You look so pretty :)

    Don't take too many clients on!! You need to breathe and have more time for yourself. Blogging 6 times a week is still so so high.

  4. oh my goodness you look divine! what a beauty you are and you have a uniqueness to you as well! love you and this blog! that dog is getting bigger by the day i swear! just died my hair baby pink and after seeing you i think im going back to the bathroom to do it again without diluting it! love that dress on you....and do make sure you time is high on the priority list!! I have 3 kids and one of them is disabled, her syndrome means she doesn't sleep, so days and nights roll into each other and she has extreme gets tough here and if i didn't have creative time and blogging sace i would go makes life worth living. see if you can cut back if you feel too squeezed. Have a beautiful week lovely xxxx

  5. You look so cuteee and nice touch with the scarf!

    I really love dogs too!

    Christine Adel


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