Backpack, backpack...

It's well over halfway through semester but I have somehow managed to survive without an actual backpack to carry all my belongings in.  I usually have just my laptop bag and my purse, but as the paper load begins to build up from months of schooling, my poor bags have all but bursted at the seams.  I am extremely picky about backpacks.  Most of the bags I am drawn to are not intended for functionality but more fashion-ality (that is so not a word but eh, my mental dictionary is full of those!).    

When sent me an email (while in class my I add) I was totally stoked as they have such an awesome selection of practical bags in actual cute prints and patterns!   What a concept!  They must have sensed my frustration and offered me a bag of my choice.  My decision was pretty easy as this Roxy brand bag came with a little matching pencil bag that quickly became my new makeup case for my morning wait.  I have to be at school by 7 AM, with CR, just to ensure we have parking for the day.  Getting up around 3 AM is plenty early enough without having to worry about getting my makeup done too so I usually reserve this part of my day for the parking lot wait.  So now, with my little case in tow, I just spend my two hours of dead time before class, bobbing around to some Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros while powdering my face in the rear view.

Now I can finally retire my sad little laptop bag for it's intended purpose and take a little weight off for the rest of the semester now and for that, I thank you!

Dress:  Forever21  //  Backpack:  Roxy Baby Feather c/o Surfdome  //  Shoes: Thrifted

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  1. omg, i love that dress so much! the bag is really cute too!! xoxo

  2. Love your dress!! The print on your backpack is wonderful! Backpacks have always struck me as kind of boring, but this makes it so much cuter!!
    Sincerely, Sara

  3. Your new backpack is great! The print is so cute and I love how it looks with your gorgeous lace dress.

  4. That backpack is so cute!!! This semester I've been trying to do without one...its been awkward! lol


  5. AGHHH!!! So cute. I've never seen that company before. I can't wait to check out their other designs.

  6. That's super cute! I have a backpack with similar colors...but instead of feathers mine has dinosaurs. =P

  7. Now that is a cute backpack! Years ago when I bought mine, I went purely for durability and function, not style, but it's really nice when you can have style, too!

  8. Love the backpack and dress! Just adorable :)

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