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I have straight hair, like stupid straight hair.  So straight that I cannot walk past a hair product kiosk without them trying to sell me a straightener.  Like I must burn through them with the amount of straightening I must do to my hair.  I know this to be true because when I simply reply "Oh, no thank you... I don't use heat on my hair" the looks are comical.  First shock, then an air as if they are being deceived.  

But it's the truth... I just have really straight hair and most of the time it drives me crazy!  I love curl and I love the way curl looks on gals with rounder shaped faces.  I've tried foam rollers, hot rollers, curling irons, crimping irons, braids, pin curls... shoot I have even tried the hair straightener method only to have limp and possibly kinky hair within the hour.  When I saw an ad for Curlformers I thought, why not?  No heat is good and I can always return them if they suck!  But they are awesome!!!  

So now, hours later, I still have a full head of curls and I am even debating saying good-bye to my straight bangs in exchange for curly ones.   What do you think?  OH!  And I love this dress I just scored during a 50% off sale, sale at Forever21.  I've been calling it "My REM dress" cause it actually looks A LOT like him!  haha

Dress:  Forever21  //  Shoes:  ModCloth  //  Bracelets:  c/o Cozy Couture Boutique

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  1. I can't believe those are no heat curls, they look awesome! I know what is going on my wish list. I also adore that dress, so cute on you :)

  2. I love that dress! I see that you found a way to curl your hair...very cute!

  3. These curls look awesome! I always wish my hair was curlier too, though mine luckily always takes curl well when I take time to do it. I think your curls are just so adorable! Especially paired with this awesome cat dress!

  4. You look amazing! Curls everyday!!!!

  5. beautiful dress and curls. see it's funny i have curly hair and i am always trying to get it straight! xxx

    1. haha my friend who naturally has curly hair is the same way and we always joke that we should find a way to trade!

  6. You look absolutely stunning! Love the curly hair!

  7. I Love your curls! You are so pretty!

  8. Love curlformers! They work on all hair types too. I have been using mines for years.

  9. Great outfit and your hair looks fabulous! As someone with naturally curly hair I always thought it was a curse and longed to have straight hair. Nobody is ever happy with what they have lol. But now that I am older and know how to take care of it I have learned to appreciate it.

  10. the curls looks great on you and your beautiful hair!

    you just got yourself a new follower btw ;)

    Lookin fwd for more from you!

    Christine Adel


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