14 Weeks...

Age: 14 Weeks
Weight: 46 Lbs
Current Food Intake: 5 Cups a day
Current Nicknames: Tank, Nature Boy, & Woodchuck 
Current Obsession: Wood and Rocks
Current Dislike: Helicopters 
What I Miss: 
Being able to hold him like a baby and watching him trip over his ears.
What I Can't Get Enough Of: 
Watching him and 'Mani going on nature walks together.  They make quite the pair and 'Mani is acting like a pup again.

I cannot believe how much he has grown already!  I have been needing to get my camera out about once every two weeks just to ensure I capture at least a moment of all his puppy phases.  They are just going by so fast!  He is starting to develop more grace these past two weeks and rarely trips over his ears like he once did.  I miss it but I am less paranoid of him tripping down the stairs, which is a good thing!  He has become 'Mani's big shadow which is too cute!  I love just watching them wondering through the field or into the barn knowing that they will wait for each other while keeping a look out.  

Now this whole rock and wood infatuation is a new one for me thus the nickname, Woodchuck.  None of our dogs have had this uncontrollable desire to eat everything they find!  Even 'Mani seems puzzled by the whole thing.  He will come bounding up to see if he somehow missed the clinking sound of the treat jar, only to discover Kenai is chopping on a stick and not a biscuit.  This leads to 'Mani practically shaking his little head and walking away, so I guess I am not the only one who just doesn't get it!   

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  1. What an absolute doll! I ended up wishing I had taken photos of my English Mastiff as she grew during her first year. Stay on it! My favorite part is when they hit 6 mo.s and they start growing like a teeter tooter, first the back end grows, and then the front catches up. So adorable.

  2. he is gorgeous. these pictures are making my heart melt!! x


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