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I feel like it's been forever since I have been here.  I wish I could share some exciting news to explain my lengthy absence, but sadly I have none.  Life has just been busy.  Like CRAZY busy and I figured you probably wouldn't want the behind the scenes with the "oh wow I haven't brushed my hair today" or the "why am I still in my pj's at 4pm?" kind of days I was having last month.   It feels good to be busy but at the same time, when you work from home, you can forget the common courtesy of, I don't know, getting dressed before dinner!  

But it happens, a lot, when you work from home.  The days blend into weeks, which blend into months and before you know it your existence becomes a steady stream of deadlines, proposals, and project deliveries.  So much so, that you start comparing daily life occurrences to your work schedule.  "Hey Jess, when did we go shopping last?"  "Hmmmm, let me think.... that was the day I had to complete all the business card orders for the big conference in Austin... which was in August... and people needed to have them printed... which required a week... so if the conference was on the 3rd of August that would be?"  By the time I have analyzed my life in comparison to my schedule to compute an answer to a simple question I am usually met with a glazed over "WTF" stare from CR.  "Oops... July 27th?"  

Not to mention the heat... oh my gracious, the heat!  It's been awful!  I am pale.... like transparent pale and this hot weather all about melts me by the time I walk from the front door to the car.  It's been so bad that I will go out, warm up the car, just to have it cooled down by the time I need to actually enter the vehicle.  If this doesn't occur I will literally resemble a kitten, it's first time in a carrier, practically clawing at the windows and the AC like it may be my last breathe.  Needless to say, the last thing I have been wanting to do is get all dolled up only to feel miserable the moment I step in front of the camera.  It always amazes me how different people's tolerance are for things like heat.  While mine is non-exsistant others are walking around in cardigans in 110 degree weather!  Just looking at them I begin to overheat and tugging at the neckline of my clothing!

With this heat has also come the fires.  LOTS of fires... they have been the worst in something like, 100 years?  We have had so many I have lost count but if I had to guess I would say 30-ish?  Some have been small while others have taken out forests of over 16,000 acres.  Our little town has been in such a state of turmoil most of the season, putting everyone, including us on edge.  It's been scary but it's finally starting to die down a bit around here.  Hopefully the weather will continue to do the same. 

Dress :: Forever21 // Sandals :: Minnetonka 

So what have you all been up to while I was away?  Hopefully someone has something more exciting to share!

PS I have started semester!  School has been a bit of an adjustment but so far so good!

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  1. Ugh the heat sounds awful. It's been hot here in Georgia too, but not as bad as it could be at this time of the year. I don't know how others stand layering up in the heat either. I also empathize with your paleness and melting in the heat! But you do look super cute here so I'm glad you were able to stand the heat for these pictures! The print on your dress is awesome and I love the color of your sandals too.

  2. yeah don't ever visit australia in summer.
    I don't think i'll ever forget my first car, when it had been sitting in the 40 degree heat all day. And yes my brother was still wearing jumpers, it was rediculous.
    Bushfires are horrible things. How close have they been to your house? We once had one 500m away. That was pretty scary. Fortunately the wind turned and it went back into the national park.
    But yes australia, its hot, there's lot of fires, scary bugs, and crocodiles. I don't know why so many people live here except that it has a lot of awesome things too.

    I love your new hair colour!! What dye is that? It's beautiful.

    1. Some were closer than others but I would say the closest fire was 2 miles away? Actually not that close considering how many there have been!

      And the new shade is Beyond the Zone in Raspberry Kamikaze. I get it from Sally's Beauty. xo


  3. Also in Italy, unfortunately, fires are destroying too many forests!
    We love your dress!!! It is amazing!!!
    What about following each other with gfc, bloglovin and facebook?
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  4. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! I love the new hair colour. It's the end of Winter here in Australia. I am not looking forward to the heat that's coming.

  5. Your hair is always soo awesome, this is no exception! I love the colors you chose in this outfit in combination with your hair, so fresh & unique. And those sandals are adorable, eek!

    <3 Megan

  6. Welcome back Jessa! Your hair is gorgeous :)

  7. This hair colour looks so good on you! And yay, i'm glad you're back blogging. And I can totally relate to the working at home thing. I never know what day of the week it is and I'm ALWAYS in my pjs. My mail man always apologises for waking me up when I answer the door, nope he didn't, I just have constant bed hair and in PJs lol.

  8. I love love love this dress! And the shoes! And your hair is fantastic. xoxo

  9. Cute outfit! By the way, I'm in love with your hair :).


  10. Your hair is perfect *.*
    I'm in love <3

    With love
    Miss Lil'Susie <3


  11. Your hair is so pretty. I'm thinking about adding dark purple highlights to my hair.

    Also I totally agree about losing track of the days when working from home. I work & go to school online.

  12. I love your shoes! :) They are awesome!

  13. you look so very very beautiful!!! those shoes...divine! x


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