May Highlights

Typically I am going over my month in review and reflecting on my favorite posts, moments, and favorite Instagrams, but I honestly wasn't very active in May so I am choosing to skip that.  Even though May wasn't super exciting there were a lot of little things I am excited and grateful for...

Like getting to photograph my little brother and his prom date/girlfriend.

Beginning to play around with more hairstyles as my hair gets longer

Making an effort to log off of work and log in to life, with my favorite person!

Taking better care of myself such as using DeeVoo products on my skin and skipping the makeup...

and when I do wear makeup, trying to have a little more fun with it!

Photographing my second wedding and rocking it!

Finding other opportunities to live healthier like shopping the local farmer's market weekly...

and opting for tea instead of coffee.  Bye bye domed lids, I will miss you.

Playing with my newest toy, Lightroom 4... so addicted!

Lots of little changes I am hoping will result in bigger and better things to come!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Your so pretty! I hope to see more posts! :)



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