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May has been the beginning of many changes in my daily routine.  I have been working hard to try and treat my body better than I have in the years before.  I have always been a bit lazy when it comes to my health and always seem to rest on the excuse that "people always say I look much younger than I am".  As much as I have begun to appreciate this statement over the years I cannot let it keep me from ensuring it remains as such.
Some of the changes have been small such as using DeeVoo products for my skin.  Currently I am using the Radiant Trio on a daily basis.  This trio of vegan friendly products has been an absolute pleasure and I am so grateful that the fine people behind this brand asked me to give them a spin!  I always seem to put the health of my skin on the back burner as I have never had too many issues with the clarity of my skin.  Since using the Creamy Cleanser, Milky Toner, & Radiant Moisturizer I have already noticed a bundle of benefits.  

The redness in my skin has greatly faded.  I always chalked this up to being prone to flushing skin and heat but it's been a rare occurrence since the switch.  I also see that my freckles are softening and although most of my friends would squeal in protest at such a remark, I much prefer a softer appearance in my freckles.  I think when your skin is as fair as mine, those little specks can become a bit overpowering.  On top of these benefits my skin is tighter, more supple, and the skin around my eyes truly seems more... well, radiant!   It's been so nice (as the heat approaches) to be able to go out bare faced or with just a tad of BB Cream!
Another huge change I have made is switching to the Paleo lifestyle.  Most call it a diet but it is such a major change for me that it feels more like a lifestyle adjustment.  It's only been a couple weeks and even with a couple of fails, I am already seeing and feeling the results.  In the first week alone I had already lost 4 pounds, an inch off my waist, and 3/4 an inch off my arms!  I have to admit I am super excited to challenge myself to a whole new world of recipes that Paleo has to offer!

PS If you are interested in trying the Deevoo products for yourself use code "BLOGLOVE" for 10% off.

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  1. Good for you!!! Being healthy can be a lot of fun too :) /i love going to little markets or picking my fruits and vegetables fresh from a garden! I'm glad the Paleo thing is working out for you! You look great! I'm also loving your hair :)


  2. Being healthy is the best gift we can have. I love fruits and vegetables a lot. Actually I feel that fruits and vegetables can marvellous changes in your body. Sometimes those behave like a beauty advisors too.

  3. Hey, Jessa! :)
    Your blog is so nice to read, it's so open-hearted and well-written. Great pleasure :))
    Wishing you good luck with new paleo life style!!! Keep cool!


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xx Jessa

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