Buying the Basics

One of the biggest frustrations since switching to Paleo is the lack of essentials here is our town.  Although our town is growing it is still majorly lacking in many areas such as specialty grocers.  You will not find a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods here and the best thing you will get is Raley's (Nob Hill) and their selection still leaves a lot to be desired.  So we must trek over an hour away just to stock up on the very basics of my dietary needs; coconut milk, coconut flour, coconut sugar... while really hoping I don't start hating coconut!

Dress: ModCloth // Shoes: CVS // Earrings: Forever21

It was pretty hot in Fresno so I decided to wear this shorter dress I purchased from ModCloth last year.  This is my first time wearing it as I find it can be a bit clingy in areas I am tend to not be too confident highlighting.  Not to mention, the elements of this dress seem to be a bit confused.  When I snagged it on sale for a whooping $9 (I believe) I wasn't too concerned on whether it was amazing, I more just wanted a cute little dress to add to my closet for pennies on the original price tag!  The fabric is thick, like really thick, which would lend one to think it was more cold weather appropriate, but it's a mini...  and sleeveless...  which doesn't quite add up to warm weather.  Luckily it was a rare occasion where the weather was perfect for it last week and I was happy to finally get some use out of it while stocking up on coconut EVERYTHING!  haha

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  1. It is a cute dress but I so understand that wrong fabric for the a short dress. And only NINE DOLLARS. Yeah that's a steal. I am jealous.

  2. Such a cute dress! Maybe it can be worn for different seasons? :D Kind of! haha Thick fabric is not fun in the heat.

  3. You look stunning. That dress with your hair is perfection.

  4. Love your hair- it is so beautiful and unique! Following via Bloglovin' <3 Alex

  5. I am loving you hair! I love dyeing my hair, at the moment my hair is like pinky puple with blue faded ends, wooo, I like you earrings to!
    - Becky xox

  6. This outfit is perfect! Especially with your lovely hair. Gorgeous! x

  7. This dress matches your hair perfectly!!
    You look adorable!

  8. I love the dress and how it coordinates with your hair!

  9. I can't believe how good this dress looks with your hair. Gorgeous!



  10. You're looking gorgeous! How are you finding paleo? I love coconut milk and coconut sugar, I don't think it's possible to get fed up of them!

    1. Lately I have been very bad about it! lol Working long hours and running between photo shoots has made me very relaxed about it, but when I am steady with it I LOVE it! xx


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