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As you may have noticed my blogging has been a bit sporadic and anything but regular. I have been slightly frustrated technologically. We currently have two mac computers, which you would think would make life pretty sweet, but not always. They are both older and past the point of being updated to the most recent software causing me to feel disheartened and completely restricted from creative freedom.

 I tend to be the type to shut down when things (not people) are not behaving the way I expect them to.  I find excuses for why the issue cannot, and will not, be fixed by any recommendations only frustrating myself further while also frustrating those who are attempting to redeem the situation.  Not one of my most flattering attributes, but I am human and I am flawed.  The best you will get out of me during one of these fits is a cautionary intro that I am in a "mood" and not to waste the time in trying to cheer me up, it will be short lived and after a brief rant it will pass.

I have never had a computer of my own.  Sounds crazy seeing as my whole life pretty much revolves around the computer, but it's true.  We have been fortunate to be part of a family who is constantly upgrading and advancing in the tech world leaving us the grateful receivers of said "hand me downs".   It's a pretty sweet deal, but with all I am doing it can be so maddening to see those little error messages proclaiming that said new toy just isn't up to speed and you have been denied access to play with all the other kids.  "No software for you!"

Luckily it is that time of year where you ponder what to do with that tax return and Christopher Robin made the decision to invest it back into getting us our first new computer and I couldn't be more excited!  The only problem now is that all I can do is think and daydream about all the adventures the new computer and I will have and every time I turn on another computer I can't help but hold their restrictions against them.

So lately I have been trying to focus on things outside of the net space.  Hiking, exploring, and even trying our hands at a little bit of gold panning down by the river.  It's been nice and relaxing while taking my mind off of the computer that won't be here until next week.  So expect to see me then and maybe CR will have some gold to show you seeing as the only thing I seemed to pan was fresh water clams!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. I feel for you Jessa! This year is the 1st year we got our very own brand new computer too. I love the laptop although it is so advanced for me I can't operate half of it (Windows scrolling screens & etc. Ack!). The new desktop I still have yet to take out of the box......

    I love hiking too, it is so good for the soul :)

  2. Lovely photos! I totally get what you're going through. My computer is soooo slow. Thankfully my guy got himself a new one so I'm using his old one. But it's certainly not great...
    I'm also part of Chantilly's big surprise for Thursday ;) Just wanted to say hi!

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  5. i feel for you! my pc is so out of date. :(

    anyway I love the nature escapade! gold panning looks interesting. i'd add that to my bucket list :)

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  6. I really love your pictures its just awesome and lovely collection.

  7. Totally feel your pain. I was working on a 2006 black Macbook up until October when I bought the iPhone 5-they said it wouldn't work well with the old machine since it couldn't update to Mountain Lion-so I dropped all of my savings and updated to a new Macbook Pro... which is really nice, but so pricey!

  8. Awww so excited! I've been in a similar situation with hand me downs and finally got a new computer a few years ago. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

    Gold panning?! That's going on my list now haha

  9. I actually quite like when my computer/internet decides to give up for a little while - it forces me out of the house to have actual fun. Love these photos, I'm always amazed at how beautiful it is where you live xo


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xx Jessa

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