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I often feel so awkward creating style posts.  Like I never know what to say about the items I am wearing.  "Hey, here are my clothes!" doesn't really seem to justify a whole paragraph let alone a whole post.  So typically I will just ramble on and on about what is happening in my life, but what do you do when even that doesn't quite justify a whole post?

So I figured why not share some of my most recent shopping scores and how I've paired them for some savvy styling.  

Dress - Forever21 $8 on sale // Cardigan - New York & Co $1 thrift store clearance // Sandals - ModCloth $10 Sale

$19 Outfit!  

Have you found any awesome finds lately?

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  1. I bought that dress on the clearance rack at F21 too! It wasn't $8 was more like $12...but still. Awesome dress!

    1. It was such a great find! They did an extra 50% off all their clearance which made it a total steal!

  2. How did you get that rad dress for so cheap? I love the print on the dress. SO sweet. I love these styling posts.

  3. Man I haven't scored a good clearance find in a looooooong time! Lucky you!

  4. Lovely! I like your dress. So cute.


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