Wassama Village

Near our ranch remains the Wassama Village.  Now a State Park it protects the remaining roundhouse, mortar cups, and the cemetery cremation site where Miwok ancestors can remain at peace.  Dancing and religious ceremonies were common in these roundhouses and still, to this day, once a year, people come together in celebration of remembering the rich heritage that once held this land.

A bit deceiving from the outside The Wassama roundhouse is enormous!  Roundhouses were built large enough to support villages for gatherings, of all kinds, even gambling was not unheard of within these walls.  I love that the roundhouse is still packed with wood for fires and we even found a can of rolling tobacco still stored within the rafters.

There is a certain peace that remains here still.  Like you can still feel the power of life and nature all around you on this preserved patch of earth.  I can just imagine the Miwok women gathering acorns to fill the mortar holes in order to provide their loved ones with a high protein meal.  

Dress: ModCloth // Cape: Vintage // Boots: Steve Madden

It's such a whimsical reminder of a world come and gone and I can't help but appreciate our ability to visit, pay tribute, and remember those who were here before us!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Awesome village and it’s a nice place to relax.

  2. Awesome. We don;t have anything that cool here in Australia. I love your outfit to match the outing as well.

  3. Love this post. You did a really good job of incorporating fashion into the history of a native american heritage site. Both very interesting, love your outfit. I have been thinking of buying something from ModCloth, I suspect I will sometime this spring.

  4. that poncho is wonderful! I wanna live in that roundhouse!

  5. This outfit is perfect, and the location incredible! :)

    <3 Megan

  6. Very beautiful. Our history needs to be preserved like this more often. Also I absolutely love your cape!

  7. Amazing outfit! So lovely:)


  8. I love everything about this!


  9. Such an interesting place that is rich in history. Your cape is ahmazing!!!!!

  10. Stunning pictures! It looks like such an incredible place

  11. Great place to visit! and I love your outfit:)

  12. Oh my! That cape is everything my friend..EVERYTHING...I need it. So pretty you are thank you for linking up I love seeing your finds!


  13. Woow… the village looks really nice and charming.. Hope you had a great time and have gathered loads of experience.

  14. loveliest outfit, that cape is amazing! this place also looks amazing.. i want to explore here!

    lindsey louise



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