Snow Today, Heat Tomorrow

Yesterday I was telling you all about the odd weather we've been having.  While cleaning off a bit of the SD card buildup I found a few pics from last week.  We literally got about a foot of snow!  Thought I'd share a rare occurrence of the fur babies having a real winter experience!

Colt, my bold kitty!

Colt & Moody were the only two brave enough!  My crazy girls!

Mani refusing to be left out and pouting all the way through.  I forget how small he his!  He had to use our footprints as a path to avoid sinking in too deep.

It was fun while it lasted and at least the furries got to experience a snow day before the heat set in!


  1. How adorable! I think my furbabies would flip if they ever got put out into the snow. The kitties seem to be having fun!

  2. Colt and Moody look adorable!!! That is so cute that they got right out there in the snow. There is still a lot of snow where I live too, though my kitten Pippa is not always so keen to frolic about in it.

  3. oh!! I can't imagine.. when in my country geting hot, and you have an adorable day ..

  4. Cute! Cats in the snow!



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