I have still been debating whether or not to continue with the Manic Monday posts.  Sure, who isn't typically manic on a Monday, but i doubt any of you want to hear my current reality of how I am manically trying to control our never ending pile of laundry since we got our faulty dryer replaced, or how I had to search for hours to find a new bra (I LOATH bra shopping).  So the debate continues and they remain postponed for the time being.  Doesn't mean I didn't want to stop by and wish you all a happy Monday!  Who doesn't need a little extra love on a Monday?

If you crave a little Jessa in your day stop on by the ModCloth Blog for a tiny insight into my thrifting adventures!

Love & Lollies...

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Sadness is inevitable

Lately I have been feeling uncontrollably sad.  Typically I am pretty good at manipulating my more negative emotions into positive ones, but lately I feel like a lot of the aspects affecting my mood are beyond my control.  No one is fully capable of controlling the world around us, which sometimes leads to us being unable to control ourselves and the inner workings of our own structure.  Although we may try we are not meant to be in control.  We are meant to experience, to adapt, to feel.

Recently I have been having a lot of "aftershocks", an experience where painful memories, come and gone, emerge from your subconscious and leave you trembling.  They come with no rhyme or reason, when you least expect it, only to leave you clinching your heart in hopes of sweet relief from the psychological pain.   I hate them, these aftershocks... they haunt me and remind me coldly that nothing remains buried forever within ourselves.

Having pets instead of children is a puzzling occurrence for some.  A lot of people do not quite understand the bound that forms between an animal and their people.  "How can you say they are like your babies?"  "You won't understand until you've had kids", are not uncommon statements to hear when you are a furbaby family.  It's simple, you love them... with everything you have to offer.  You are there, sometimes, from the very beginning.  Their first toy, their first clumsy stumble up the stairs or maybe onto a window ledge, their first joy to their first hurt, you are there with them, they are there with you.

Lately, my sweet Gage has been feeling less and less like himself.  Being a rottie he has always had issues with his joints and maneuvering them beneath his own mass, but this is different.   He has a hard time walking and getting around without assistance from us.  He stumbles, he falls, and my heart breaks.  The vet says his insides are good but his bones are so bad and all we can do is make him comfortable for what he has left with us.  That he has had a good long life for his breed.

He is going to be 11 years old this October and we have all been a family from the beginning.  Since CR and I's very first Christmas, two months after we met, there has been Gage.  He has been there through so many trails, tragedies, and losses and through them he has comforted me, loved me, and helped me move forward.  He has been my baby, my sweet boy, my protector for all these years.  I feel am being reminded that they are not with us forever and it terrifies me to think who will be there to console me when it's him I lose?

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Wassama Village

Near our ranch remains the Wassama Village.  Now a State Park it protects the remaining roundhouse, mortar cups, and the cemetery cremation site where Miwok ancestors can remain at peace.  Dancing and religious ceremonies were common in these roundhouses and still, to this day, once a year, people come together in celebration of remembering the rich heritage that once held this land.

A bit deceiving from the outside The Wassama roundhouse is enormous!  Roundhouses were built large enough to support villages for gatherings, of all kinds, even gambling was not unheard of within these walls.  I love that the roundhouse is still packed with wood for fires and we even found a can of rolling tobacco still stored within the rafters.

There is a certain peace that remains here still.  Like you can still feel the power of life and nature all around you on this preserved patch of earth.  I can just imagine the Miwok women gathering acorns to fill the mortar holes in order to provide their loved ones with a high protein meal.  

Dress: ModCloth // Cape: Vintage // Boots: Steve Madden

It's such a whimsical reminder of a world come and gone and I can't help but appreciate our ability to visit, pay tribute, and remember those who were here before us!

Love & Lollies...

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Ruffled Denim

Over the last month or so I have been debating discontinuing the Manic Monday series.   I haven't decided for sure if I am going to do this but it seems that I just haven't been manic for much of anything lately, although, I have been manically in love with my newest eShakti jacket!

It has finally begun to cool down a bit on the ranch.  Rain is falling and air is damp and cool.  Typically I wouldn't be "grateful" for this, but lately I am.  We desperately need the rain to help feed the livestock and to ensure the land remains healthy and able to support the abundance of life here.  Bonus?  I can start wearing more of the seasonal items within my wardrobe!  

I have had this jacket from eShakti for a couple weeks now and it has just been handing in my closet, taunting me to wear it.  Although the jacket is what I would call the perfect "adaption piece" it has still been too hot to wear.  It's really lightweight with a satiny lining and the length is delightful!  Since it still wasn't super cold I decided to wear it as a frock with a full slip underneath.  This is my second piece from eShakti and I am still in awe at how well their system works!  The jacket is a perfect fit and I hope there will still be plenty of cool weather left to wear it!

Jacket: c/o eShakti // Scarf: a gift from my momma // Boots: Steve Madden // Purse: Vintage (a gift from my Nana in-law)

Love & Lollies...

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Shabby Apple Giveaway - CLOSED

Recently I purchased my first Shabby Apple frock so today we are here with a giveaway!  With the recent announcement of their Ferris Wheel collection there are just so many lovely pieces to choose from.  From their Sea Breeze dress adorned with delicate flowers, to their Santa Monica dress with it's brightly colored polka dots, whichever you choose is sure to be modern with a vintage flare.

Now on to the giveaway!

What: $50 Shabby Apple Gift Certificate
Who: US Residents only please
When: Giveaway is open until 3/19
How - Visit Shabby Apple and come back here to leave a comment stating what you would use your $50 bucks towards.  Please be sure to provide a way for us to get in touch with you if you win.
Additional Ways To Enter:
(Be sure to leave separate comments per entry to increase your odds)
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If you have been eyeing something take 10% with "cakedvintage10off" courtesy of the lovely people at Shabby Apple!

Good Luck!
Love & Lollies...

Waves of Blue

Dress: Shabby Apple

I love going barefoot!  Don't get me wrong, I love a great pair of shoes, but I love feeling the earth between my toes.  I feel like I have such better control on my footing when my feet are bare as typically I am such a klutz!   With the warm weather it's a rare pleasure to head down to the river, to hop from rock to rock, and to wade through the chilly water.   Not a whole lot to report just a simple outing enjoying the warm weather before the rain heads in!

Snow Today, Heat Tomorrow

Yesterday I was telling you all about the odd weather we've been having.  While cleaning off a bit of the SD card buildup I found a few pics from last week.  We literally got about a foot of snow!  Thought I'd share a rare occurrence of the fur babies having a real winter experience!

Colt, my bold kitty!

Colt & Moody were the only two brave enough!  My crazy girls!

Mani refusing to be left out and pouting all the way through.  I forget how small he his!  He had to use our footprints as a path to avoid sinking in too deep.

It was fun while it lasted and at least the furries got to experience a snow day before the heat set in!

Skip N Whistle

I have been obsessed with my new Skip N Whistle scarf!  Their jersey material is so soft and the scarfs are nice and long which makes styling them so much fun!  Not to mention their graphics are wildly amusing!  It has been relatively warm here, for the most part, but at the drop of the hat that cold breeze can whip through the canyon and chill the bone. With the weather being so unpredictable it's a rare chance to force myself out of my comfort zone to experiment with some quirky combinations!  

Happy Tuesday!

                Scarf: c/o Skip N Whistle // Shirt: Old Navy // Shorts: Thifted // Boots: TJ Maxx // Bow: Vintage

Manic Monday #62

Sabrina's fabulous makeup giveaway...

Frances is hosting a $170 cash giveaway!
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Lovely Oh so Orange cookie-wiches!
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Longingly admiring Cindii's getaway!
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Cutest babydoll dress...
(via: Ahka Vintage)

Just a few of my faves from my sponsors!  How yummy are those cookies and how adorable is that vintage dress?  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

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