Manic Monday #61

Apple & Arrows :: Red & Brown

Anna Leigh :: Blue Hues

Key Lime Pie :: Mint & Carmel Tones

Bows & Banners :: Mint & Grey

Orange Sherbert :: Oranges

Morning Tea :: Seafoam & Latte

Pantone Love :: Pantone Rainbow

Adam & Anne :: Floral

Sea Breeze :: Chevron Accenting

I have been a busy busy bunny as of late.  I have taken the Caked Designs shop from a mere nine designs to almost thirty!  I think it is safe to say it is all I have been Manic for as of late!

Happy Monday and incase you missed it, the winner of our Caked Designs Giveaway was....


  1. Loving the new designs! Beautiful fonts!

    x Tania

  2. Whoah you've been super busy! These are all so pretty

  3. wow you've been busy for sure

  4. Yes! I think I may be experiencing Code-Overload! Planning on taking a break to focus some love back to Blog Land! Thanks Lovelies for all the sweet words! xo

  5. You are so talented Jessa!

    These are simply beautiful!!
    I favorited the shop. :)

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  6. I think you found your true calling! These all look amazing. Congratulations!

    1. Okay...just want to be clear your maybe your combo calling is blogging, photography and design :-P If I ever get my blog going, I may see about your services for a custom design!

  7. these are all so lovely! i think my favorites are orange sherbert and key lime pie though!

  8. They look great, you've been working hard!


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xx Jessa

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