Birthday Bog

This week was my baby brother's birthday which we choose to honor with a good ol' country celebration... Mud Bogging!  Bring in the birthday boy it's time to fling some mud!

I got the honor of riding with the birthday boy in his new Ford truck.

It was such an epic day complete with new relationships formed by a simple proposition written in mud... awwwwww.  (She said yes)

After everyone and everything was officially coated in mud...

we ended the night by warming up with some good laughs and a bonfire.  It was one of the best birthday celebrations, to date, on The Thousand Acre Woods!


  1. I love going mudding!! I've never experienced this intensely before though.. We usually close the windows.. haha. Seems like a fun time!

  2. That looks crazy!!! I've never even done something like that. :)

  3. First time on your blog and I love it! That def looks like a great birthday celebration.

  4. This looks so much fun! You got away looking much cleaner than everyone else haha


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