Shine On

I have four brothers, all younger and no matter how many years come and go, still my baby brothers.  All, minus one, are February babies with a whole lot of celebrating happening this month.  The weather has been more than unseasonably warm meaning we have had the opportunity to celebrate all the birthdays in ways typically reserved for the warmer summer months.

Like GIANT bonfires!  

It was awesome just to hang out with family.  There is something so easy about it.  No need for fancy clothes or a face of makeup, just hanging out with the people you love, in your favorite flannel and blue jeans, enjoying the warmth of a winter fire.  It was a blast and I think it is safe to say most of us had a little too much fun!  Thank goodness for the holiday weekend to allow us the rare chance of cutting a little loose!

Did you get to do anything out of the norm with the three day weekend?


It's often that I hear people talking about wishing they worked from home.  How finding jobs that allow you this freedom are hard to come by and the most desirable.  I have always thought this until recently. I love my jobs, I love what I do on a daily basis, but I get lonely.  I get tired of being by myself with my only auditory stimulation being that of the rhythmic tapping of my finger tips along the keyboard.  Sure I interact with people constantly, but it's not quite the same as that physical aspect of being among other human beings.

As the days, the weeks, and the months go by I feel more and more socially disabled.  Like my ability to interact with other peoples is becoming more and more crippled, strained, and to be quite frank, unnatural.  Like I needed any assistance being even more awkward!  But so it is, the thing I crave the most is the one thing I feel so incapable of participating in.  There are many a times I find myself thinking; "Come on!  Just say something!",  "Wow, are you just really going to stand there like a deer in headlights?", or "Oh no, you did not just say that!".  But so it is.  I stand there, like some ghostly illusion of a human being, craving to be involved, only to blurt out something reprehensible like "tee hee"!  How says that?!  Someone that writes one too many emails... that's who!

I don't believe we were designed to be solitary creatures.  Every ounce of our being yearns for some sort of connect with members of our like species.  Whether it be a romantic relationship, a friendly companionship, or a nurturing arrangement we need that connection to feel complete.  Without it we simply do not feel whole.  We begin to loss our connect to reality, itself, and the meaning of our own existence within it.

There are many days were I am left here, lost in my own empty monotonous thoughts, pondering life and it's meaning only to look up and realize my day is but gone.  It's not that I am sad or depressed just disconnected.  The best way I can explain it is to imagine you were to cover up all of the windows and doors to prevent any light from entering then live like that.  You begin to loss sight of life, reality, existence, and begin to feel like a day has no end nor a beginning.

I guess human interaction is like a vitamin.  A form of nutrients our bodies need to function properly in our day to day activities and without it our bodies shut down.  Sorry if this sounds sad or depressing.  I am not meaning to be either, although as I type it, does sound slightly pathetic!  It is more a personal evaluation of a situation most long for.  I guess it goes to show you there is not perfect job, no perfect life, no perfect world.  Everything that has light must have a shadow.  It is the balance of life I guess. Isolation is a funny thing.

Love & Lollies...

Conversation Confection Cookie-wiches

It's almost Valentines Day!  I am actually not a huge fan of Valentine's with all it's forced sentiment.  I cannot tell you how many years I have observed flocks of frazzled men rushing, the day of, in an attempt to score a counter side bouquet that isn't past it's shelf life.  Five PM on Valentine's Day is like five AM on Black Friday... you are better off at home!  They should have yellow tape around all stores within a 50 yard radius of a florist, sweet shop, or any store providing said items, "Caution: Stampede Zone - Men on a mission - Enter at your own risk."

But, knowing me, I can never resist a good excuse to make cute themed food!  Here is a recipe for you ladies to make from the safety of your own home.  You'll thank me later!

What You Will Need:

Your Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe
Vanilla Frosting
A Glass
Conversation Hearts
Sandwiches Baggies
A Hammer


Preheat your oven to 375°
Start by picking out the hearts you like (one's that are actually readable are always nice!  haha)
Take a baggy and place 2-3 hearts of the same color in.  Repeat this step for the other colors as well.
Time to think of that guy the dumped you the day before Valentines, take your hammer, and begin pulverizing that those little candies!  Now didn't that feel good?  Set the bags aside.
Take your dough and prepare small balls approximately 3/4 of an inch in size
Dip the bottom of your glass into sugar, then press lightly on the balls to create the cookie size you'd like (these will be perfectly bit size)
Cook for 6-7 minutes or until the edges are a golden brown
IMMEDIATELY, press a heart into the top half of the cookies.  You will have to work fast to avoid breaking cookies once they have cooled.
Allow to cool and place a tsp of frosting onto each bottom cookie
Taking your little heart smashed bits, sprinkle onto frosting focusing around the edges
Place top cookie (containing the heart) onto the top of the frosting and press lightly
You can roll them in more heart pieces if you'd like
Place in the fridge for an hour or so, then enjoy!

Hope you enjoy them!  They taste like tiny cupcakes!  Yum!

Love & Lollies...

Birthday Bog

This week was my baby brother's birthday which we choose to honor with a good ol' country celebration... Mud Bogging!  Bring in the birthday boy it's time to fling some mud!

I got the honor of riding with the birthday boy in his new Ford truck.

It was such an epic day complete with new relationships formed by a simple proposition written in mud... awwwwww.  (She said yes)

After everyone and everything was officially coated in mud...

we ended the night by warming up with some good laughs and a bonfire.  It was one of the best birthday celebrations, to date, on The Thousand Acre Woods!

Manic Monday #61

Apple & Arrows :: Red & Brown

Anna Leigh :: Blue Hues

Key Lime Pie :: Mint & Carmel Tones

Bows & Banners :: Mint & Grey

Orange Sherbert :: Oranges

Morning Tea :: Seafoam & Latte

Pantone Love :: Pantone Rainbow

Adam & Anne :: Floral

Sea Breeze :: Chevron Accenting

I have been a busy busy bunny as of late.  I have taken the Caked Designs shop from a mere nine designs to almost thirty!  I think it is safe to say it is all I have been Manic for as of late!

Happy Monday and incase you missed it, the winner of our Caked Designs Giveaway was....

A month in review :: January

I feel like I have blogged less, in the month of January, than I have the whole year prior.  With the new year came so many new adventures and projects.  My life has been on a steady coast of schedules, timeframes, and deadlines.  It's not that I haven't wanted to blog, it's more the lack of anything interesting to share.  My life is pretty simple, pretty modest, and pretty uneventful for the most part.

I read a lot of other blogs and wonder how they do it all?  The city girls with their business 9-5's transforming into socialites in cocktail attire come twilight or the mommies with their precious projects and giggling children who love them so.  It amazes me how they find the time and energy to complete the multitude of tasks before them while, all the while, sharing it with all of us.

Maybe it would be easier if I had something to talk about more than my own personal existence?   Maybe if I didn't live in the middle of nowhere, had a bustle of charming children, or a fabulous art studio to create in, this wouldn't be the case?  Who knows, but lately I have had a personal mantra for the blog that "if you don't have something interesting to share, don't share anything at all" and so, it's been pretty quite here.

Hello February!  Let's try to be a little more interesting ok?


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