Winter Brights

Sorry for the lack of Manic Mondays recently.  I just haven't been feeling quite manic for anything as of late, but I can tell you all about something I am not manic for... color trends!  I am not the type to dress according to seasonal color trends.  I don't find certain colors to be off limits at certain times of year.  I hear a lot of girls saying "That color is so hot for fall!" or "Oh that hair color would be perfect for winter!", but I don't see it.  I don't see a need to limit myself of options, only to match everyone else, who is following that current fad.  Like last year, I believe, when everyone was walking around covered in purple?  Why would you want to blend in with everyone else like a bushel of grapes?

So it is, every season though.  All the shop windows are perfectly in sync with the "it" color of the season and masses pour in to coordinate their wardrobe oh so perfectly.  Don't get me wrong, I love trends, just not color trends.  I like aesthetically pleasing designs and admiring how all the different designers show individualism by displaying their own unique spin on them.  It is when you see waves of the same color waking in unison, pasts racks of the same hue, that turns me off.

Why purchase hoards of a single color only to have someone tell you (a few months later) that now that color is no longer desirable?   Why snub all the other beautiful hues of the rainbow only because someone says they are not the most prefered?  I hate being told what to do with my life so why would I, willing, let someone tell me how to dress and then spend obscene amounts of money to do so!  It boggles my mind!  I like outfits with character, that reflect who I am, so if I dress just like everybody else what does they say about my personality?  I am "fashionable"?  I hear so many girls chatting about other girls with the highest form of praise being "OMG she is so fashionable!!!"  Huh?  If this ever becomes the only way people see fit to describe me as a person please just shoot me!

So I wear what I want, when I want!  Jewel tones in spring?  "Why not!"  Warm tresses in summer?  "I don't see the problem!"  Brightly colored peaches in winter?  "Don't mind if I do!"  Style should be a reflection of ones character, personality, and sometimes even their mood.  So if I am feeling bright and cheery, on a cold forsaken winter day, you better believe I am dressing to show it!

Dress: Forever21 // Jacket: Forever21 // Shoes: Cutesy Shoes Online // Belt: Thrifted // Tights: Thrifted

Love & Lollies...


  1. Gorgeous dress ! I love that hair color so much, you look amazing !

  2. You look so cute in these photos. I love the red jacket. Very rad. I also love the way you kept that amazing strawberry dress hidden behind the coat till the end.

  3. I completely agree about the colours! And it's even worse if the "in" colour is one you don't like/looks terrible on you - it's nearly impossible to find anything then! Thankfully these days I can completely ignore whatever the "in" colour is - since I sew (or thrift) most of my own clothes, I can do whatever colours I want, whenever I want. :-)

    PS I love that dress - the collar is super cute.

  4. I've never understood colors in fashion trends- pink is the new red kinda thing- good for you for going against the grain. Very inspiring.

  5. Totally agree with you - love the dress & coat, oh my!

    <3 Megan

  6. Seems like you had lived your child hood fantasy and if I'm correct the character that you got inspired is "Red Ridding Hood".

  7. You look like little red riding hood! This is gorgeous <3


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