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Four years later, Christopher Robin and I are long past the wedding planning phase.  We have wed, honeymooned, and have fallen into a comfortable co-exsistance as husband and wife.  Looking back on planning there were so many magazines claimed to be perfect for "every" bride looking for individual inspiration.  I did not find this as such.  I felt like every printed source I explored seemed aimed towards the "fashionista" bride, the "socialite" bride, or the "traditional" bride.  Rarely did I find a wedding that truly inspired me or a visual of what I considered to be my perfect day.

Looking through the photos I would admire the fancy dresses or modern decor with all it's glitz and glamour but only to envision it all being so fit for someone else's wedding, not mine.  I was not a "Carrie Bradshaw" bride, I was not looking to find that one of a kind haute couture gown fit for a celebrity, and I was not looking to invest a small fortune to have this.   I wanted something outside of the box, unique, and, more than anything, re-useable.   Even though I did not have a repurposed wedding I admired all of the heart that goes into an event of this theme and, in the end, only purchased items I would re-use after the event.  Our home still remains decorated with all the trimmings of our wedding day.

Four years later I feel there are a lot more brides-to-be with this mentality and desire for the unusual.  Brides are turning to DIY and Pinterest for visuals used to explain, or steps used to execute, images they see within their minds.  When I received a copy of Unique Bride magazine I was amazed by all the fabulous photos of fabulous events, thrown by such fun spirited individuals.  These are not cookie-cutter brides and I found each one's decor, theme, photos, and words so inspiring!  So much so, that I couldn't help looking at my Love and dreaming of a second wedding!   Now that is some hard core inspiration to make me want to go through that process again!  haha

This magazine is just perfect for planning an unique event with a lot of heart, soul, and character.   I wish there were more sources like this when we were wed, but still love browsing through each breathe taking page and witnessing the devotion and love, so apparent, in each story.  Plus, how fun is it to see yourself within the pages?!  So if you are in the mist of planning your big day I strongly recommend Unique Bride and if you purchase issue 5 you just may find me there!

Love & Lollies...


  1. ooh, congrats on a print article! Looks and sounds like a great magazine, I do love the resurgence of diy crafting, it makes a highly personal day feel that much more intimate and yours, no?

    1. Thanks! I was a lot of fun and I so agree! xo


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