I have been slowly working on a project I have wanted to start for quite sometime.  When I first started blogging I knew I wanted to get into the design aspect of it.  I consider myself to be artistic, even though, I wouldn't consider myself to be an artist.   When it comes to sketching, drawing, or painting I can be somewhat of a lost cause.  Everything I picture in my head looks nothing like what is created once hand meets paper.  Ocassionally, I will get it right, but more out of luck than skill.

To physically create an image takes such a talent, one that I don't seem to hold.   Each motion of pen, pencil, or brush becomes a natural reaction for relaying mental images to touchable creations.  I find it so fascinating!   I could watch an artist create for hours with a deep hearted longing to hold such skill!  When I started exploring the world of graphic design I was immediately smitten.  I enjoy the ability to manipulate code and graphics to create the end product, visualized.   I find it such a challenge and so mentally invigorating!

So, recently, I have set my mind to start creating more designs.  I am not quite there yet but, I should soon have my little shop up and running soon!  Here is a little peek at some of my creations.

Love & Lollies...


  1. These are beautiful, the Dancing By Moonlight one if definitely my favourite. Learning new bits and pieces about design has been one of my favourite bits of blogging too, although I'm not nearly as good as you :) xo

  2. Those are amazing! I love your choice of colors and fonts. :D

  3. Those designs are gorgeous ! I'm aspiring to be a graphic designer someday :)

  4. I love Peach Bellini! That's so up my street lol
    Jenni xx

  5. Awesome post! And I love your blog:)
    Follow each other?:)

  6. Looks gorgeous, Jessa! :D

    Angie (

  7. I was just on etsy this morning looking for a new blog design without much luck. Maybe you'd be interested in doing something for me??

    1. Hi Jackie! I'd love to chat design with you! I'll shoot you an email in a little bit. xo

  8. Simple and refreshing. Love them all Jessa!

  9. Thanks everyone for such inspiring and encouraging words! Always a welcomed treat when taking on new adventures! xo

  10. I love the colors, the design...just all of it! :P


  11. I know I'm a little late to comment, but these are excellent! You are so talented.


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