Pink Valentine's Cocoa with Marshmallow Cream

Here we go... another holidays mean's another ingredient for me to becoming untiringly obsessed with, at least until I run out!  Being already infatuated with anything pastel it's only expected that I would make this season's target Conversation Hearts.  Here is a sweet & easy treat sprinkled with these little pastel darlings.

Pink Valentine's Cocoa

What you'll Need:

Strawberry Milk Mix
Chocolate Milk/Cocoa Mix
Conversation Hearts


Place a handful of hearts into plastic bag and crush well
Dip the rim of glass into water then into crushed hearts
Set cup aside
Mix one scoop of chocolate milk/cocoa mix to two-three scoops strawberry milk mix
Poor milk mixture into a sauce pan on low and let heat stirring periodically 
In another sauce pan melt marshmallows while slowly adding milk until desired consistency is achieved. Remove from heat
Poor your hot cocoa into your glass
Top with you marshmallow foam and some extra sprinkles if you choose 

Be happy and enjoy!  


  1. This would certainly give me a sugar coma but it looks so delicious. I will share this with my sisters.

  2. It looks so nice and charm. I’m going to try this on our valentines’ day and I believe, my guy will love it.


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