Hunter Hues & Brother Blues

A good majority of this week I have been playing chauffeur to my family.  The oldest of my little brothers went in for surgery to remove a fairly common cyst.  Located by the tailbone, this cyst tends to develop as a child and often is not discovered until it is very angry and apparent through the skin.  Since his was not irritated, very much at all, they figure it would be a relatively smooth procedure that would have him sent home within hours of operation.  This didn't end up being the case.

Instead of moving outward, towards the skin (as most will do) his moved inward towards the bone.  It ended up being a pretty grueling surgery that included him having to stay in the hospital.  The cyst had become so badly inflamed that it was all the way to the bone and, to make matters worse, the doctor had to leave the incision open to ensure infection would not further develop within a closed wound.  

So now my little brother, and his little lady, are also on The Thousand Acre Woods for the next 4-6 weeks while he heals.  I am so happy he does not have to remain in the city during this process as I loath my visits to the hustle bustle of Fresno.   Everyone is always in such a hurry and they will literally run you over to get nowhere, fast.  Every time I come home from a trip to the city I can't help but breathe a little deeper and hug my little family a bit tighter.  I think even they are happy to see me as Gage has been glued to my side ever since my return!

I am so excited that my whole family is currently on the ranch and am hoping my poor little brother doesn't go stir crazy!  

Dress: Thrifted // Shirt: Macys (actually a dress) // Jacket: Forever21 // Shoes: Forever21 // Purse: Vintage // Hair Decor: Gifted

Love & Lollies...


  1. I'm so jealous of your hair! I hope you little brother has a very speedy recovery

    1. haha Thank you, he hates being stuck at home so he'll appreciate that! xo

  2. You look adorable! I love your handsome doggy and I hope your brother heals fast!


  3. Oh no! I hope your brother is feeling better and let out soon. I had the exact same cyst removed when I lived in London years ago but it was a local anaesthetic jobby and went really easy, so glad I didn't know that wasn't an option then, sounds like he's had a horrible time of it!

    Gage is looking very handsome, I do love it when you include pictures of all the animals x


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