Crafty Confessions :: Pine Cone Crown Tutorial

Over the warmer months I could not get enough of my floral crowns, but now that it has begun to cool off and the colors are changing my hair decor must too.  Here is the tutorial for my little pine cone crown you all adored so much!

What you will need:

Pine Cones
Glue Gun
Some Small Branches

1.  Place your headband on your head to help decide where you'd like to place your pine cones. Note you will most likely not want to cover the entire band as it will tangle in your hair.

2.  Once decided start gluing on your pine cones alternating sides of the band, slightly, to ensure pine cones fit together and create a solid band.

3.  Time to cover the remaining exposed band with your small branches.  Let dry.

Love & Lollies...

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Manic Monday #49

Red Alert Dress... (so lovely for fall)

This week's Manic Monday is a bit delayed as I haven't been too manic for anything up until this morning.  You see, I am finally getting a chance to shop eShakti.  I have been lusting over their products and have been longing to take advantage of their customization feature!  So what's the problem?  There are just too many adorable choices!!!  I narrowed my search down to seven which is still way too many to choose from.  So here I am... manically shuffling through frock after frock only to become more and more indecisive.  Help!  Which dress should I choose and why?

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Sweet Peek of the Week :: Ruby Loves Flamingos Interview

This week we are getting to know Maya and the story behind her shop, Ruby Loves Flamingos.

Hi Maya!  Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your shop Ruby Loves Flamingos?

"Well, I almost became a secondary school (school for 11-16 year olds) teacher a few years ago, until I ‘escaped’ teacher training! The children were brilliant the
rest of it wasn’t. But before that I have a long history with art and design. I studied theatre design at university and
afterwards worked as a freelance costume designer/maker for a few years before I fell into teaching adults drawing skills and portraiture. It was soon after leaving teacher training that I took up knitting again and taught myself to crochet. My mum taught me to knit when I was a child but I’d not really picked up a pair of needles since my late teens. This time though it felt different. I began to really appreciate the craft of it all and I haven’t really stopped knitting or crocheting since! Taking a ball of yarn and turning it into something wearable never fails to please me. I have always been irredeemably creative and often dreamed of being my own boss, making money from my creativity. Then a friend told me about Etsy and that’s where I am now. I’ve also opened a shop on a British site called Folksy and have plans to have shops on other online markets and maybe a site of my own one day."

You obviously have a lot of goals and dreams to be had.  What continues to inspire you?

"I can be inspired by many things; that must be the artist in me. What I love about knitting and crochet though is that I can combine colour, texture and pattern. Recently, I became determined I would master the art of Fair Isle knitting, or stranded colour knitting as it’s sometimes referred to. It can be incredibly tricky to get just right and has been known to make grown women (and men, let’s be fair) weep which is why I’ve always given up on it. Now I am so, so close to getting it perfect, which makes me very happy because not only does it give me a real sense of achievement it also means I can begin to introduce this work into my shop." 

How exciting!  Sounds like quite a challenge.  Have there been an other challenges you've been faced with in your business journey?

"I suppose my biggest obstacle is time. It always has been. I’m a full time mum, my daughter is very nearly three years old and I've been working on my business since she was very young so, finding the time to do that and be a mother has been tricky – everything seems to take so long!
I guess another obstacle has been, not knowing what the heck it is I’m doing! ;) Opening up an online shop on Etsy sounds very straight forward at first but there is so much to learn, and I’m still learning stuff now, developing my brand, working on promotion etc etc…"

Yes, time is always a common issue and the sea of shops is so vast... how are you working through these things?

"I try to manage my time by making lists. I call them ‘running lists’, as in they’re very flexible. I keep an unlined notebook especially for my lists and as long as I can keep track of everything I need to do then in theory, everything will get done. When it comes to learning how to operate an online business then other sellers have been an endless well of advice and support. It’s a really great community!"

Any advice you'd like to share from that well with us today?

"This is a tricky question to answer because there is SO much advice, plus I’m still chasing my business dreams!  You need to be passionate about what you make or do, and be prepared to work hard and be willing to learn from others. Also, don’t expect instant success, very few people achieve this. Passion, Patience and Persistence would be the three P’s, if you needed three P’s? ;)"

The three P's is so perfectly true!  Thank you so much Maya for stopping by and sharing your story with us.  Look forward to much more success in your future!

Enjoy 15% off until Nov. 27th! Code "CUPCAKE" 
**excludes sale items**

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Beauty Confessions :: My Classic Bandana

Almost daily I receive page views of people in search of "how tos" for bandana "dos".  Here is a walk through of my favorite way to wear my bandana with a 1940's flare.

1.  Start by pulling your hair black and sectioning off any bangs you'd like out of the bandana.

2.  Fold your bandana corner to corner creating a triangle

3.  Fold center point over so that it touches the straight edge 

4.  Place shorter side of fold to nap of neck and bring ends around to the front of your head.  Ears should be slightly covered

5.  Tie ends in a double knot

6.  If you'd like you can now shift your knot so that it is off center

Easy enough and the best part is that your bandana will not slide with this method.  Hope it helps and if you like to see my how to for Suicide Roll Bangs visit Kelsi over at Brighter Sides for a guest post tutorial from yours truly!

Love & Lollies...

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Style Confessions :: Pine Cone Decor & Hummingbirds Galore

♥ It's All in the Details ♥
Dress - ModCloth
Vest - Thrifted Vintage
Shoes - Minnetonka Moccasins 
Crown - Handmade (Tutorial Here)
Necklace - Forever 21

It never fails that come this time of year I become completely obsessed with the pine cones that scatter the ground in abundance.  From home decor to fashion adorned I collect them by the baskets full.  With basket in tow Armani and I spent our morning collecting and pick the best of the best.  I love how Armani loves to play bloodhound and sniff out the cones nestled in the leaves.  Goes to show he holds a lot more of my characteristics than I'd like to admit at times.  I will say that pets really do take after their owners.  Christopher Robin still chuckles every time he stumbles across Armani & I watching our favorite crime shows.  He cannot help but point out, yet again, that we are both sitting there with the same face of concentration that consists of a puckered brow and the biting of our tongues leaving the tip of them exposed between our lips.  As much as I roll my eyes at these remarks I can't help but look at Armani and burst out laughing when he glances back at me like a furry reflection of myself!

I have grown so fond of these mornings with my littlest man and wouldn't trade them for the world now.  I am so excited to start creating some wonderful treasures from our findings!

Love & Lollies...

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Fresh Fall Favorites :: Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow Cappuccino

Recently Christopher Robin and I ventured down the baking isle in search of some marshmallows so that I could pinch a few pennies by making homemade cereal bars for him to take to work.  While browsing I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows on the shelf.  I had no idea!  Once I had picked them up and inhaled their sweet scent I proceeded to cling to the bag like a toddler with a new teddy bear!  Hoping that with each new sniff it would awaken a master plan of why I required them immediately!  Out of --what I believe to be-- sheer embarrassment on my husbands part, he snatched the bag out of my hands and tossed them into the cart.  I honestly believe he could no longer bare the stares of random strangers while being dubbed "the guy with the crazy, blue haired, bag sniffing wife!" HA!

Once home I refused to win by default  (I do have some pride people) and began manically picking my brain for ways to incorporate these little lovelies into something Christopher Robin wouldn't see as a complete waste of good cabinet space.  Then it hit me!  Pumpkin Spice Cappuccinos!

You see, if you have ever made a cappuccino you know just how much drama comes from trying to create the perfect bellowing cloud of milky foam, but with my new secret ingredient it's all too simple!  Let's do this!

What you will need:

Espresso or Strong Coffee
Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows
Heavy Cream
Bit of Sugar
Pinch of Cinnamon
Touch of nutmeg

You will also require a toothpick but this will be later and is optional.

Start by melting your marshmallows on low heat while gently adding in your cream.  Once your mixture has reached a nice frothy texture you can add your little bits of nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar for added flavor.

Once you are happy with your foam poor your coffee into a cup filling about half way.  Next poor you frothy mixture on top.  What is so lovely about this is that your foam mixture sits so effortlessly on top of the coffee.  No fuss!

You can choose to add a design, as I did, for some added smile insurance.  Using that toothpick we talked about earlier, poke into one of the marshmallows (did I mention they are shaped like little pumpkins?) and dip into a bit of the cream.  Tap off excess before placing into cinnamon.  Stamp your pumpkin onto your foam and proceed in adding any little extras such as "yum" by using your toothpick point as a pencil using the same method.

Serve with your favorite dessert like these Gourmet Tookies Marshmallows (Christopher Robin's new favorite) and a stick of cinnamon.  Sure to have your guests praising your efforts while you mentally pat yourself on the back for creating a drink, that usually educes frustration, with absolute ease!

Love & Lollies...

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Manic Monday #48

Most adorable little pumpkin cookies...

Do it yourself for your own pumpkin city...
(via: countryliving)

Pumpkin up the jam dress...
(via: ModCloth)

Sweet as pumpkin pie pin...
(via: snottub)

Kitties dressed as pumpkins!  
(via: fawkesisalion)

Vintage pumpkin tea set...

Pumpkin seed brittle?!?  I did not know such a thing existed!
(via: myrecipes)

Can't let all those pumpkins go to waste...  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!
(via: dailykos)

I know what you are thinking... "wow, more pumpkins?"  I can't help it though!  Holidays are the only time of year where my uncontrollable obsessing is deemed "understandable".  Therefor, I take full advantage of this permitted OCD.  It is wise to assume my husband will be having nightmares of anything considered a pumpkin favor to pumpkin flavored in t minus five weeks... of this I am certain!

Anyone else become Holiday Hoarders?

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Sweet Peek of the Week :: Madison Street Beauty & a Giveaway

This week we are taking a peek into Madison Street Beauty.  Madison Street Beauty is the creation of Bridget and her husband.  It all began in a little one bedroom apartment on (where else) but Madison Street.  With only one hundred and fifty dollars and a whole lot of love and enthusiasm the couple created a shop that continues to grow through their dedication and production of wonderful product.

Madison Street Beauty is filled with the most stunning of hues while remaining 100% natural.  There are so many lovely shades to be had...

From pretty pink pastels...

to brilliant baby blues...

even my favorite seafoam shades are bright and vibrant!

In celebration of such growing success Madison Street Beauty is offering one lucky winner their choice of their favorite five full size shadows!

  Giveaway is open to Canada & US Residents.  Closes 10/31.  Good luck and be sure to take advantage of their current sale of 60% off!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Style Confessions :: Fall Florals

♥ It's All in the Details ♥
Shirt - Thrifted Vintage
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - Minnetonka 

I am just loving this weather we are having here on The Thousand Acre Woods!  The days are still a little on the warm side, come high noon, keeping the temps just high enough to prevent the need for a fire.  Come morning everything is so cool and crisp making our morning cup of joe all that much more enjoyable.  Mother Nature's opening act is just breathtaking from our porch where the sunlight dances in the most splendid of orange and purple hues making morning conversing completely unnecessary as we watch in wonder.  Once the show is over I find Armani and I are easily distracted in our exploration.  Every step creates a distraction with a new sound beckoning for our attention.  We were  having way too much fun this morning throwing up the crispy little leaves while Armani attempted to defeat each and everyone before it hit the ground.  I just adore fall!  I wish it could be fall all year around.

Love & Lollies...

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Thoughts on a Thursday :: Better Left Unsaid

What's on my iPod: 

What's on my nightstand:

It is not often I get "all serious up in here" with my writing.  I find that even stating a personal opinion, on a debatable topic, can send the masses into an uproar.  It's not that I am scared of the repercussions of my thoughts spoken aloud, but of the fact that I could possibly hurt of offend someone by sharing these thoughts.  The saying goes "somethings are better left unsaid" but who is that decider?  We are... opinions should be cautiously considered before bringing them into the daylight.  I know in the past you have enjoyed my posts that are a little deeper so therefor I will attempt to write a little more often.  I need to let go of the fear that someone may believe my words were indented to wound.  Why?  Because I am not that type of person.  I need to be know who I am when I write and have faith that my intent will not be misunderstood.  My words come from my soul and as long as my intentions come, truly, from the heart, my fears should be irrelevant.

Now onto the topic at hand... Facebook.  Now before your jaw drops to the floor in disappointment --at revealing such an unmoving topic-- let me clarify.  My topic is less about Facebook as opposed to social media... still not impressed?  My topic is even more so about people's inability to communicate in a physically social environment?   Hopefully that has brought you back on board with where this is all going.  Recently I noticed a buzz of activity occurring around a status post regarding the constant bombardment of ranting, negative and/or accusatory posts flooding our timelines.  What was attended to be a short and sweet response on my part, quickly became a brief novel on the evolution of human interaction.  Instead of posting my long winded evaluation on the human species I chopped it down and brought the rest here.  My point was this:  People are losing and/or neglecting the ability to handle physical interaction with one another.  In a day in age where technology has become our primary source of emotional, physical, and mental gratification, it's only expected that it would become our primary source of social fulfillment as well.

With sites like Twitter and Facebook prominently placed on our desktops, homepages, and smart phones who didn't see this coming.  The problem?  People are just becoming more and more crippled when dealing with interactions in, what is now considered, "real life" situations.  Something that was designed to create an alternate avenue of communication with those we were typically unable to connect with (person to person) has become our sole avenue of communication.  It has been taken from secondary source to first coarse in a matter of years and it doesn't seem to be letting up in the slightest.
I feel as though we are being sucked deeper and deeper into a technological state where physical person to person interaction is becoming more and more irrelevant and/or unnecessary.  Breakups are occurring through status changes while friendships dissolved with a click of a button.

What is truly concerning to me, about this scenario, is the ease people are using this state as a way to hurt others.  No, this is not about "cyber bulling"... it's more about how easy it has become for us to hurt people in mass without ever needing to show our faces or wash any staining off our palms.  In the past you would have to contemplate the words being said prior to revealing your heart of hearts.  Our thoughts, even towards a loved one, may not always be positive but in times past you still had to consider your approach when revealing these feelings.  People were forced to hash things out while nowadays it feels more like a hit and run.  How fast our "home" or "feed" refreshing is quickly turning into a fresh on slaughter of negative notions being presented then retaliated by those around us.   With Facebook friends reaching the thousands, for some, where is the consideration of how a silly little stereotype spoof might make one of those people feel?  Who would dare acknowledge such an outlook in a room physically filled with people who fall victim to said stereotyping?

When did it become not only okay, but cool to hang our dirty laundry and/or negative outlooks out for the world to see?  And when we click that little like button are we saying that it is okay to do these things?  Think that way?  Or act as though there will be no repercussions of our actions because that person is not physically present to defend themselves?  Is this new form of absent attacking creating a false sense of invincibility among our society thus preventing the natural adaption of an inner filter?  When did the saying "somethings are better left unsaid" get left so far behind?

Love & Lollies...

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Beauty Confessions :: Geek Chic Makeup Routine

Not sure if all my fellow glasses wearers do this, but I have a different routine for the days I wear mine. Now that I have refreshed my frames I wear them pretty religiously.  Here is the breakdown of how I apply my make up with my specs.

1.  Proactive Green Tea Moisturizer 

2.  True Match Foundation in Cool Alabaster

3.  Fresh Minerals Loose Finishing Powder

4.  Ulta Blush in Heartbreaker applied at temples to edge of cheek.  Creating a "C" motion around outer corner of eyes

5.  Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black

6.  Lime Crime lipstick in Great Pink Planet

It's all in the blush so do not be scared to apply it a little heavier!

Love & Lollies...

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