Crafty Confessions: DIY Valentine's Day Vase

I've been listening!  I started a poll over in the left-hand column and I've heard you all loud and clear!  More DIYs?  You're gonna get them!  I am not the most crafty of people but I do have a constant desire to save money.  Today I am going to show you a fun and easy DIY for a frosted glass heart vase that everyone can have fun with!

Want your own?  Then let's get started!

1.  What you will need for this project...

♥  A Vase
♥ Decoupage (Modge Podge)
♥ Tissue
♥ Scissors
♥ Some Scrap Fabric
♥ Paint Brush

Note:  Most of these items were purchased from the dollar store.  =D

Don't have Modge Podge?  

2.  Make your own decoupage!  Here is what you'll need...

♥ Air Tight Container
♥ Paint Brush
♥ White Glue
♥ Warm Water

Mix into your container three parts glue to one part warm water.  I used a four ounce glue bottle which required two and a half tablespoons warm water.  Mix throughly, close lid tightly, and set aside for later.

3.  Tissue Paper

This is a fun part to get kids (if you have them) involved with.  Time to rip up the tissue!   Tear your tissue into a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Now that you have all your tissue pieces it's time to begin frosting your vase.

4.  Gluing...

Apply a thin layer of glue mixture and place tissue paper over.  Coat tissue paper again with the decoupage.  Repeat process until you are satisfied with the appearance of the vase.   Once you are happy with the frosted hue of your glass, cut your hearts out of the scrap fabric.  I made one large in pink and two smaller in purple.

5.  Time to add some heart to your vase...

Starting with the largest heart apply your glue where you'll want the heart to be.  Place heart over glue and press gently.  You'll want to add another hefty coat of glue over your heart.  Do not be sparing with this step.  You will need to completely saturate the fabric in order to get a good hold on the vase.

6.  Repeat with the smaller hearts...

Once you have all you hearts down you will need to apply another thin layer of glue mixture all over the vase.  Let dry over night.  

This is a great project for the whole family to get involved with.  Let the kids help create it and Daddy fill it.  =D  Allow your man to save the money and buy extra flowers instead.  The Babes never gets vases (he thinks they're all so boring) so I love this DIY.    

Hope you all enjoy this sweet little do-it-yourself and I promise to post more easy tricks in the future!

Love & Lollies...

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Manic Monday #10

Red Fox poster...

cute foxy scarf...

fox pendant...

fantastic brooch...

adorable mary janes...

Kitsu the Red Fox...

acrylic wall art Tree Fox...

and fitted tee shirt!


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Sweet Peek of the Week - Veronika of Girl and Closet

Today we have the pleasure of getting to know another blogger for our sweet peek.  She is a freelance photographer who lives in a small ocean town with her husband, beloved pup, and one chubby orange kitty but most of you know her as Veronika of Girl and Closet.  I am so excited to jump in and ask her our Fast Five!

Thank you so much Veronika for taking the time to answer our questions!  Can you tell us a little bit more about your blog, Girl and Closet?
"Yes, I’d love to. Girl & Closet is a personal style blog, where I share my daily outfits with my amazingly sweet and lovely readers. I also share tid-bits about my ocean-side town, married life and my career & entrepreneurial life. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my decision to start my blog; it’s been so incredible connecting with people from all over the world and making new friends - so fun!"

Isn't it the best?  What continues to inspire you and your blogging?

"Definitely my family, husband & friends; they are all so amazingly supportive, and I wouldn’t be the same person without them. They have always been so encouraging and positive, which has helped me flourish immensely. Secondly, my passion for business and fashion are what get me out of bed every morning, and (eep!) help me pull those 14 hour days. The secret to a great job is to find something where you don’t feel like you’re working."

It's so wonderful when you love what you do!  Have you had to face many obstacles?

"Oh my goodness, more than I can count. Without getting too personal, I’ve had to overcome some health problems in the last few years, and certainly growing a business from the ground up can also feel like a huge obstacle. But for me, that's what keeps life interesting & exciting. I love growing as a person!"

Health issues can test any person's strength... how did you remain so strong?

"By surrounding myself with lots of love & positivity, as well as connecting to a life and career that gives me meaning and sense of purpose. I believe in setting realistic plans/goals, maintaining a positive attitude and a persistent spirit. I’m also a firm believer in taking charge of your life because nobody else will do it for you. I remind myself of that all the time."

That is great advice to give yourself.  We all should!  Have any words of advice, before you go, for those of us chasing our dreams?

"Don’t be afraid to aim high and take risks... even if you don’t make it all the way to the top, you’ll make it a lot further than if you hadn’t tried at all!" 

I have been telling myself this exact thing all year thus far!  Thank you so much Veronika for sharing your beautiful answers with us!  May your journey continue to be beautiful and your passions thrive!  We look forward to seeing a lot more of you in the future!  

Love & Lollies...

All Photography © Girl and Closet 2012.  All Rights Reserved


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What I Would Wear - Modcloth: Beloved Bouquet

There were some pretty amazing Valentines pieces over at Modcloth right now!  It was a bit of a challenge narrowing it down!

♥ It's All in the Details ♥

Grand Total:  $376  =( <---- that is me pouting

Oh how I love that purse especially and how cute are Modcloth's clothing names?  It's one of my favorite things about browsing there selection!  This selection completes my Valentines picks!  Hope you enjoyed the series and remember to get your entries in today to win that beautiful Pan Collar by Molly!

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Style Confessions: Punker Boodle Ring


 I have been dreaming of owning my own Punker Boodle beauty and squealed with delight when I opened my mail box to find the object of my lusting nestled inside!  Charlie, the creator of these treasures, had sent me the Rainbow Ring from her Boutique!  I was more than eager to style in up and show it off.

It was really windy which made for some pretty funny photos!  I couldn't stop laughing when I looked back through these.  This one had to be my favorite!

I love that my new ring matches my favorite shoes!

I learned something today... my cat, REM, is a photographer's worse nightmare!  He is the king of photo bombing.  He was literally trying to climb up into my petticoat!  

So we tried a different location...

He was all to quick to follow... which was fine until I discovered that REM does not like to play the supporting roll and started climbing all over me!

We decided to take our shoot to new heights, in hopes of ditching my prima donna cat, and did manage to get a couple more photos in a nearby rock pile.  

Unbeknown to me, my fame hungry feline waited...

photo bomb!  Back under the skirt he went!

Can you see his ear?  Haha

All in all a wonderful day spent with long loves and new loves!  Thank you Charlie for the amazing piece!  It has a good home indeed!

♥ It's All in the Details ♥

Dress - Thrifted Vintage
Petticoat - Thrifted Vintage
Nylons - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Thrifted
Bow - Gifted


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What I Would Wear - Etsy: The Vintage Valentine

Why can't Valentines be a week long celebration to allow for all these wonderful pieces I am finding! Here are my Etsy finds!

♥ It's All in the Details ♥

Red & White Spectator Shoes - $13
Queen of Hearts Cocktail Ring - $24

Total:  $214
Which is not bad seeing that almost every piece here is a vintage treasure!

If you haven't entered Molly's Giveaway here on the blog your time is running out.  Be sure to enter for your chance and for those of you who have, remember you can enter daily for additional chances!

Love & Lollies...

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What I Would Wear - Shabby Apple: Tulle Love

Before I start, I know aquamarine/teal are not exactly Valentine's Day colors but Valentine's is all about what the ladies want right?  "It's my party and I'll dye if I want to"!  =D  Here is my selection for Shabby Apple!

♥ It's All in the Details ♥

Aquamarine Sash - $16

Total:  $263
20% off with code: NEWYEAR: - $53
Grand Total: $210

Great coupon but more than my self employed budget will allow... so sad because those shoes are AMAZING!  ::swoon::

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What I Would Wear - Ruche: Valentine Devine

I love Valentines as I always get as dolled up to the extreme as I can get away with!  I have been perusing all of my favorite shops for my favorite Valentine's ensembles and here is what I found over at Ruche!

♥ It's All in The Details ♥

Total: $179

How I love this look!

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