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I was born in the city and always swore that once I was free, to do as I pleased, I would return there.  I hated living in a mountain town.  Everyone knew everyone and people felt it was their personal goal to make you feel as if they knew more about you then you did.  Scary thing being is that sometimes this was just the case.  As a teenage I felt stifled by my foothill community to be nothing but ordinary.  If you were different you were odd, strange, or worse a freak.  People did not appreciate differences amongst their peers and if you did not conform you would be condemned to exile.  It's sad really... how people trap themselves to only know one world where everything is a dull shade of grey.

So I promised to leave this town and so I did.  What I found was not at all what I had imagined.  I quickly learned that the characters were all the same just in different costumes and performing against a different backdrop.  People can be close minded and insensitive no matter where you are so, slightly more broken than when I left, I returned home.  I continue to struggle as I strive to grow stronger.  I am still figuring out who I am suppose to be as I stop caring what is wanted of me.

I'll admit, I do not have many friends here but I don't always see that as a bad thing.  I quite like my little bubble and the time I am able to truly commit to maintain those fewer relationships I hold dear.  Mainly, I am content by being surrounded by nature and it's marvels.  I love being near family and their ever growing complexity.  I love waking to the sound of... well nothing really!  Just silence sprinkled with a few feathered chirps.

One thing I have learned is to try and live where you love.  Home is where the heart is and you should love what surrounds you not necessarily who surrounds you.  People will disappoint us, hurt us, and judge us, there is no preventing that, but if you live in a place that captures your heart and imagination in turn you will be surrounded by love and happiness.  These mountains hold so much truth, history, and, most of all, my heart.

Blouse - Vintage :: Skirt - Vintage :: Pendant - c/o Rakun :: Shoes - Jellypop :: Ring - c/o Rakun :: Hair Bow - Forever 21

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Your hair is super cool! :)

  2. Too true! I've moved from a small town to a city across the world and back to a small mining village in the Welsh valleys, people are the same no matter where you go but you'll always find those who make it better I think x

  3. Tammi Kudra EdmondsDecember 8, 2012 at 9:43 AM

    Good morning Jess, I can relate to your blog but for opposite reasons. You see I grew up in southern cal. Moved alot finally in the 7th grade settled in Redondo Beach until I graduated. I loved the beach and still do, it's in my heart. Then I moved to Anahiem to attend college. I felt myself wanting to live in the hills of So. Cal. constantly moving toward them. I lived in Anahiem Hills, Yorba Linda, Orange Hlls, Laguna, Laguna Niguel. With each move I made it became more congested to the point I became very clausterphobic. I then made the big move to Wa. state the beautiful Kitsap Pennisula. I loved it. But after my divorce the the kids dad my dad didn't want me there by myself. I told him I need to move to the mountains I cannot live in the city. Here i'm happy. I don't have the water and mountains like I did in Wa. state but I found i'm happiest in the country. When I go to Fresno I can't wait to get back home. I go to L.a. only if I have to. However I still love going to the ocean. Big Sur is my favorite. Water and mountains.

  4. That skirt looks like a dream! <3


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