Manic Monday #55

Tiny felted acorns...
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It's a golden narwhal!
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Mini plush owl...
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 Embroidered mushroom ornament...
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 Small fawn...

Speedy bike...

 An array of foxes...
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 Our heart belongs in... well, we need the California one!
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Things have gotten a little off schedule as of late, but in a good way!  I recently (very recently) got brought on with a wonderful company and have been trying to balance my time in the most effective way possible.  I promise to tell you more about it, but (call me paranoid) I want to wait a little longer just to be sure it's not just a wonderful dream.

Last week we went and selected our Christmas Tree but have yet to put anything on it!  With scheduling being in some what of a disarray our poor tree remains perched in naked solitude until we can give him a decent decor.  Today is that day and I have been spending my spare moments day dreaming of all the lovely items I could shower him with!

Have you decorated for the holidays yet?  What is your favorite ritual?  

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  1. These are great little ideas. I made some sculpey clay ornaments of little animals two years ago, and felt stuffed critters last year, but this year I'm going for shrinky dink ornaments. Its so fun!

  2. these are adorable!!! I love every one of them especially the "our heart belongs" :D


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