Hunting with Remington

The lengths of time between storms has been pretty unpredictable on The Thousand Acre Woods.  Everything is lush, green, and just begging to be explored from all the rain we've been receiving in abundance.   Most days are blanketed with a thick layer of fog and when it does clear the open sky brings a wicked chill.

We woke up to a morning, just like this, a couple days ago.  When I pulled the drapes open there wasn't much to be seen through the ivory haze of morning and back shut they went.  Come about noon I noticed a tiny glimmer of light streaming in beneath the hanging panels and realized the sun was out.  So we followed suit!

We are the proud owners of a pretty curious bunch of pets who are all eager to join in on any scouting missions.  I try to make an effort to take each one out individually, dedicating my time to only that fur baby.  It was REM's day, well, more like hour.  I love how genuinely interested he seems by everything we find.  There was only an hour of sun before the downpour ensued, but we enjoyed every moment hunting for mushrooms and other natural treasures.   How I love my little adventure kitty.

Love & Lollies...

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  1. These pictures are all beautiful! Makes me wish I had a decent camera so I could go exploring and take pretty pictures!

  2. Beautifful photos and beautiful kitty.

  3. Awww....what a cutie, and I'm glad you have curious animals to accompany you! I've lived in CA most of my life, but never anywhere that rained so lushly when we needed it. What a wonderful sight. :)

  4. Gorgeous pics and that kitty is sooo lovely <3

    Angie (from

  5. Hi Jessa, your boy there looks very interested in hunting!

  6. This is so cute! I want to go hunting with my kitty! Too bad I live in the city :(

  7. Oh, so lovely. Thanks for sharing :]


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