Decorating Our Rustic Christmas Tree

I love pulling out the Christmas boxes and unwrapping each little treasure to hang on the tree.  I forget all the little details of each one and all the personality they hold.  Of course, our tree has a very rustic vibe covered with everything from bears to pinecones which I just adore!  Two times this week I have fallen asleep on the couch while basking in its holiday glow.   Drifted off while just taking in it's simple serenity and calming scent.  I never want our tree to leave and wish it could remain in front of our window forever with it's perfectly paired decor.  Do you match your tree to your house?  Does it have a certain theme?  

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  1. Your tree is gorgeous! We have a bit of a color theme with reds and purples and we always try and aim to pick up a decoration from all the places we visit on vacations. We should probably think about picking up more vintage decorations from estate sales.


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