Christmas Tree Day

It's not uncommon for husbands and wives to not exactly see things eye to eye.  As much as Christopher Robin and I agree, we are equally balanced out, by all the things we disagree on.  Take Christmas Trees for example.  I am the type of girl who is perfectly content with an artificial tree engulfed by white makeshift fluff posing as snow.  CR, on the other hand, looks at this proposal with the same disgust as if I were implying we start adopting the barn mice as pets.  You bring home one mouse and suddenly you are incapable of making rational decisions?  Geez...

Last year we not only failed to obtain a tree, but our determined state of minds had us in such a deadlock that the most festive thing we managed was displaying our tree skirt, on our kitchen table, as if it were intended to double as a runner.  It was a sad sight and needless to say we refused to settle again on such pathetic accommodations.  So we sat down and we debated it out.

CR loves having a real tree, while I find the cutting down of a tree, in sake of a holiday, unnecessary.  This year her had new material to bring before the jury.  He spent the majority of the season working at a Naturally Regenerating Tree Farm.  Long explanation short, they cut down trees in specific locations to allow younger trees room to grow.  In most cases a tree once removed allows for 2-3 or maybe even more trees to grow.  He came to the table with all the facts and I conceded to reason, but not without a little feet dragging.

When we got to the property I wondered around searching for the "perfect" tree.  To me the definition of this year's perfect tree not only consisted of a fat and jolly fir, but one not in the open and growing where it was obviously preventing said saplings from doing the same.  This was CR's reasoning and I was holding him to it.  Round and round we went searching high and low for what I considered the official evergreen of the year.  I just may have been trying to procrastinate a little bit as every tree we encountered received a shake of the head and granted a pardon.  Finally I was called out on my subconscious tree cutting sabotage and was given options from a line up of trees that fit the description.

I quickly ruled out one that was standing too alone and passed the torch to CR in refusal to make the final decision.  Just as he was making up his mind on which tree he wanted another caught his eye.  It met all of the guidelines of a Jessa approved tree extraction minus one thing.  It seemed huge!

My insisting was modest and since it did meet all of my said requirements CR made the decision and within moments down went our tree.   I cannot believe how sad it made me, but as we hauled the tree away my heart breathed a sigh of relief to discover what remained where it once stood.  All the little saplings that may have spent years living in the shadows now had a chance to soak up the sun and a new lease on life.

So in the end CR may have won the great tree debacle, but I was sure to balance things back out with some wicked "I told you so" smiles as he struggled to get our "not too big" tree into the truck.  haha

What is your Christmas tradition?  Faux or real fir?

Love & Lollies...

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  1. First, I love your hair! This is my first time visiting your blog, so that needed to be said.
    I love that a little sapling was given a chance at growth from you guys cutting down your christmas tree. ;-)

    1. Thank you Jamie! I agree... seeing all of them nestled in below the stump of the tree we cut made me feel so much better about our decision. xo

  2. Even though you somewhat lost the battle, I think you will enjoy the smell of fresh fir this year! I always want a fresh tree because of the nostalgic smell, but I am content for now with our artificial one :)

    1. It has been a real treat! I forgot how amazing the smell is. CR has been teasing me as I stare at the tree trying to come up with ways to repurpose the wood from it once the holiday passes. haha Nothing goes to waste here. xo

  3. I always have a similar argument with myself when it comes to 'real' vs 'fake' Christmas trees - it just doesn't seem like Christmas without the smell of a real one, but the idea of one dying just so it can sit in my house for a couple of weeks doesn't sit well with me at all! I like your story here, about how one gets sacrificed for the sake of several more, it balances it all out somehow. :-)

    1. It is actually quite amazing what they do at the tree ranch. CR was telling me that, typically, for every one cut the land regenerates three in it's place. I wish all harvesting was handled in such a delicate and well thought out way. xo

  4. We always had real trees growing up, but since living on my own I've always gone the artificial route purely because I'm lazy. We have a company over here that bring your real tree potted to your home and collect it again after Christmas so no tree dies, if I was going to get a real one (assuming the cat wouldn't climb it and the wolf wouldn't constantly knock it over) then that's probably the route I'd go


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