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Have you ever found yourself contemplating the oddities that make you who you are.  I have.  Like the intense connect I feel towards animals more so (at times) than people.  I remember on a drive home from work hitting a squirrel with my car then needing to pull over due to the blinding tears preventing me from being considered a safe driver.  Or yesterday sitting in the bath with a heavy heart over a little daddy long legs that was no longer residing in the highest corner of my shower.  Normally I wouldn't look twice at a spider and, if inside, would quickly issue the evacuation process by means of broom, but this little guy was different.

About a month ago, in mist of my hasty bedtime routine, I jumped into the shower without any prior examination.  Which is odd, in and of itself, as I typically always do so at this time of year.  We tend to find masses of annoying earwigs trying to take over anything and everything!  Instead, I just jumped in and started washing up.  As soon as I dropped my head back to surrender my locks to the stream I noted that tiny spider just watching me.  Being in a vulnerable condition with no broom in site I just watched him in hopes that he wouldn't try any sneaky business or rapid movements during my shower.  Which is just what he did!  As he began his descent I could feel myself picking up haste in my scrubbing while never taking my eyes off of him.  It instantly became my worst nightmare of the movie Arachnophobia coming to life while being set to the soundtrack of Jaws and oh man, was he fast!  He was at the shower wall before I was even commence operation bubble suit!  When he reached the walls the most curious thing happened.  He lowered himself down and began drinking the condensation from the steam.  It was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen!  Who knew spiders did something so cute?

From there on out he was granted residence and his web remained unharmed by my cleaning utilities.  It even got to a point where I would fill my nail with water and place a little droplet at the top corner for him.  Down he'd come eager for his daily refreshment and we had a respect for each other's personal space.  Never once did he attack me or come down any further than that.  We had a mutual understanding that I brought water while he brought me a simple happiness of watching his little conquest.  Until yesterday... instead of a shower I opted for a bath.  Once settled in I glanced up to discover my tiniest pal was no where to be seen.  My eyes immediately bolted from corner to corner in hopes he had just gotten bored with his old digs and desired some new scenery, but nothing.  No more spider. I found myself so sad!  Staring at my toes in refusal of looking up only to see an empty web.  Even while I say this out loud it sounds all the more odd.  Who feels sorrow over a spider?  I do... I still have not brought myself to remove his web in hopes that he just may return.  Stupid spider, with his stupid little web, doing stupid cute things... ::sniffle::

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  1. Your hair looks freaking amazing!!!

    Btw lovely story... but spiders are still not a friend of mine. Lol

  2. Wow! That snake belt is kind of amazing! :) Love your whole outfit, my dear!

  3. I love this story! I once let an orb weaver live inside near my kitchen sink for weeks. Then my brother-in-law put it outside without my permission. I felt pretty sad. And remember Charlotte's Web? I cried at the end of that book :)

  4. nice outfit, but what i love the most is your hair!

  5. I think spiders are one of my least favourite things to find in my house, but this story make me go 'awwww'. Love this outfit, that belt is fantastic, and I love your hair colour! xo

  6. Great outfit, love the nails, and your hair is lookin' so vibrant!

  7. That story is so cute! Until I googled what a big daddy spider was and now I can't stop feeling itchy, lol. But I totally get the animal thing. I can't really kill insects, I'll have someone put them outside or try and do it myself, and with the squirrel thing... I would have felt exactly the same way.

    Anyway! You look great. Your haircolour looks so intense! And like I said on Instagram, the houndstooth nails are so impressive!

    Angie ||

  8. I love that story, and your snake belt! Just stopping by from Thrifters Anonymous :)

  9. This is such a pretty outfit. I love the nails


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