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Recently the lovely people at EShakti contacted me in regards to reviewing one of their lovely frocks.  I have been familiar with the brand ever since my friend, Amber, wore some of their lovely pieces on her blog.  I have been eager to get my hands on their custom ordering system and design a dress made just for me.  Their choices are astounding to the point of asking you all for your help in selecting one.  After hearing all of your opinions I went to EShakti to make my final decision between a dark blue peter pan collared number and the Bicycle For Two Dress.  Being the type of shopper I am (an easily distracted one) I spotted a new addition called the Chambray Retro Frock and I was smitten.  I had found my frock.

I typically face a lot of challenges when it comes to locating items that fit my unique body type.  I have an extremely long torso which, thankfully, makes up for what I lack in legs.  Not to mention that my "body shape" most resembles an upside down triangle due to my years of gymnastics and broad shoulders.  At EShakti they take all of these things into consideration when creating the customization portion of their site.

Once my frock was selected, I could then navigate through all the options for customization.  First, I was offered the option to input my own exact measurements.  I skipped this as I am pretty much a size 8 to the T (as far as my torso goes) and seeing as the hips were "open" I didn't see the need.  Next, I was able to put in my height which I did take advantage of.  Once I had supplied my required measurements I moved forward in my ordering process and found my saving grace.  The site also allows you to customize the overall length, sleeve style, and neckline of your order.  As my main issues tend to lie in length and sleeves I adore this feature.  I opted for sleeveless (to prevent tightness in my shoulders), selected babydoll style shortness, and pressed submit.

Even though the kind people at EShakti provided me my dress in exchange for my thoughts I can honestly say, from the bottom of my hem, I couldn't be anymore love struck with my whole experience!  Way to go EShakti for creating a service that is not just for women, but each individual woman.

♥ It's All in the Details ♥
Dress - c/o EShakti
Shirt - Vintage
Shoes - Forever 21
Purse - ModCloth
Head Crown - Handmade (Tutorial Here)
Brooch - Handmade (Tutorial Here)

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Oh my! That dress is stunning on you, they did quite a good job. You look lovely :)

  2. thanks for the little shout out :) I am so glad you got to experience how awesome EShakti is first hand. They have come a long way and I hope more people start to take notice of their crazy cute shop. Speaking of crazy cute shop, I just adore this dress on you.

  3. This outfit looks so dreamy and magical, I love the look and styling! :)



  4. What a beautiful dress! You look wonderful, dear. x

    <3 Melissa

  5. A beautiful dress- and what an interesting, personalized process that company seems to have.

  6. that is so cool! lovely dress, you picked out well! looking good :)


  7. hi! im fran, a spanish male fashion blogger. maybe you like my style and want to follow me

    twitter: @showroomdegarde

  8. That sounds like such a grand concept, good for everyone!

  9. Oh my gosh this dress is so so beautiful! You look like Alice in wonderland.
    I'm checking out their website immediately!

  10. This dress is beautiful, I just discovered them as well and am an addict, the customizing in sizing is amazing too - especially if you're not a perfect size. Also, they lead me to seeing your blog, which I love now too!

  11. Perfect layering - beautiful! <3


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