Manic Monday #52

Silver & Wood...
(via: williamwhite)

Wood wayfarers...

Etched Raccoon Face...
(via: nobicollins)

 Bounding fox brooch...
(via: corejewellery)

 Mini hedgehog necklace...
(via: decoylab)

 Dainty mushroom caps...

 Rainbow Cloud Pin...
(via: JettasNest)

 Tini Remotes...

Lately I have been completely obsessed with creating one of a kind items using naturally made materials found here on The Thousand Acre Woods.  Wood is my favorite material.  Each piece has it's own unique character and personality with so much story within each little ring.  

Off topic, but I realized something while creating today's post.  Today is my one year mark.  No, not the one year anniversary of the blog but of blogging.   I started the blog in May of 2011 but didn't really use it much until November.  So it's official!  I have been blogging for a year and what a wonderful day to celebrate it on...  the day before my birthday!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. You have the best taste, I want them all!

  2. happy blog birthday to you and here's to many many more!

  3. So cute and the first one.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  4. You have amazing taste! I love love love that hedgehog necklace.

  5. Lovely!
    The raccoon is so cute ^^<3


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