Manic Monday #51

Freedom stone...
(via: JustinRVisser)

Gorgeous cuff bracelet, love the colors...
(via: LoChristine)

 Love this quote...

 Sweet little ring...

 Temporary tattoos, adore the way they displayed them...
 (via: TattooMint)

Darling company name, they have such lovely products as well...

Awesome concept...
(via: BearLbunny)

Happy Veteran's Day!

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  1. Lovely theme! I love the temporary tattoos.

  2. Yay for freedom! Those temporary tattoos look awesome!

  3. Ooo!!! Very cool! That's one of my favourite quotes, the one by Oscar Wilde!
    Love it!

  4. those temporary tats are right up my alley :) Hope your Monday is going swimmingly!


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