Manic Monday #50

Delightfully Darling shares lovely holiday frocks...

Black Kitty Pendant...
(via: Rakun)

Candy Corn set...

Getting to know Kelsea of Pink Wonderland a little better.  Love to know what makes my favorite people tick...

Recycle your Tookies jar into a terrarium by Jenny...
(via: OhMyTookies)

These little Salted Dough Ornaments are a must DIY...

Toffee Teddy Cupcake Recipe...
(via: PonyChops)

In love with Angel's newest creation!  She is such a talent!

Such great discoveries to be found in my sponsor's spaces. 

Other Tid Bits: 

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

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  1. everything is so cute, but the cupcakes! omg! aww <3

    x Angie ||

  2. Jessa! Life has been crazy lately... I just wrote my first post in two weeks. Anyway, I've been totally absent from the blogging world and have SO MUCH catching up to do... the first thing I did was head straight to your page and I'm gonna renew my ad. But anyway I just saw that you linked my post... thank you!! <3 Sorry for being totally MIA!!


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xx Jessa

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