#Instadventure :: Nov. 27th

7:45 :: Found some rusted old nuts & bolts

 7:55 :: Found where they most likely came from

8:05 :: Collected some new feathers for my collection

8:30 :: Stumbled upon the tiniest forken shed ever!

9:30 :: Located an unidentifiable skull & half jaw

10:00 :: Kitty Miss & Armani played under the brush while I searched for mushrooms

10:30 :: Found some!

10:45 :: Finally snapped a photo of my morning shadow, Moody

With mountain lion sightings, followed by a family of bears making themselves comfortable on the hill above our house, it's been far too long since we were free to really explore.  It felt so good to get out with the fur babies in search of treasures.  So much time had passed since our last nature walk that there was so much to be found yesterday.

By the end of the morning our findings were pretty impressive.  Consisting of:

Two Skulls
One Jaw Bone
A New Feather
One Buck Shed
Two Rusty Nuts (that sounds so bad!  haha)
Two Rusted Washers
Five Rusty Bolts of all shapes and sizes
& Two Lovely Mushrooms

Feels so good to be back home on the Thousand Acre Woods!

Love & Lollies...

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