Giving Thanks

Once a year we are reminded of the things in life that truly matter.  Everything slows down and time, with those you love, can be truly appreciated and absorbed.  Last Thanksgiving was spent with my family so this Thanksgiving we packed up the pups and headed across California to spend it with Christopher Robin's family.  Christopher Robin's family is quite different from my own.  Their family is very small consisting mainly of his Mother, Father, & Grandparents.  With his Grandparents not caring for holiday travel, in their later years, we do not attempt Thanksgivings at our home any longer.  The journey is a bit long for them and the traffic can be, quite frankly, awful.

Like my family, Christopher Robin's family all (minus his Father) live within the same community in the east Bay Area.  This time of year is absolutely stunning here with every tree putting on it's own vibrant display.  Before the big meal CR and I couldn't help sneaking away and enjoying the sites along with the abundance of wildlife that flocks to this community.

We saw Canadian geese, deer, and even a rafter of turkeys.  Very brave group considering the day!  haha  It was probably in their best interest that they were not allowing any person to get to close and hastily scurried away upon our approach.   With the wildlife taking refuge for the coming of night we ventured higher up in search of the best seats to watch the daylight's opening act for the fall of night.  

It was a wonderfully simple day full of family, good food, and never ending laughter.  Hope everyone had an amazing holiday no matter how simple or how extravagant.  

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Love this, it sure seems like a WONDERFUL day!


  2. Oh wow those pictures are amazing!

  3. Great dress, and I LOVE your hair! I've been wanting to go blue for ages, but I don't quite have the patience to keep it looking nice, and found in the past that bright color hair dyes bleed like crazy... what do you use?

    Also, love the photos of the deer & buck. Fantastic captures!

    1. I am currently using Beyond the Zone in Huckleberry Blue and it does bleed. I find the blue has been the most difficult and the worst time being between initial dye and first wash. I wash my hair with Redken Color Extend shampoo which seems to tame down the bleeding quite a bit while using dry shampoo in between washes. Hope that helps. xo

  4. Awww, these are so pretty! so glad to hear that you had a great time. I enjoyed my thanksgiving as well :) hope you have a good weekend, dear!

    xox, amber

  5. Oh my gosh, such breathtaking pictures! and wow, lovely dress :D

    x Angie (


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