An Accidental Recipe :: Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Coldstone Style

It happens to all of us... well, I'd like to think so anyways!  You have this awesome idea for a DIY but something is missing.  This happened to me recently.  I had this delicious concept of creating Pumpkin Pie Popsicles!  Yum right?  Come to find Popsicle molds are practically impossible to find in October.  Who would have thought it?  #facepalm  Anywho, I was bond and determined to make my pops by any means necessary!

I tried everything, even double shot glasses (total pain to get ice cream out of BTW) but nothing was visually as delightful as it tasted.

Ummm... yeah... not so cute!  So out of frustration I stuck my pathetic excuse for a popsicle into my coffee (delicious by the way!) and re-evaluated the situation... After a few delicious sips, of my now pumpkin flavored coffee, it hit me!  Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream!  Coldstone style...

Here is how this accidental recipe went down...

1.  Mix heavy whipping cream with a bit of sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg to taste

2.  Poor cream mixture into a plastic mold filling about a third of the space

3.  Place in freezer for about an hour

4.  While waiting, mix a can of Pumpkin Pie mix with heavy cream (about a 1/4 of a cup) until you have created a nice creamy texture.  Add a bit of sugar to taste

5.  Remove mold from the freezer and add your Pumpkin Pie mixture leaving about a 1/4 of the mold empty

6.  Sprinkle graham crackers on top filling the remainder of space alloted in your mold

7.  Place back in the freezer allowing to set over night

8.  Come morning remove your mold and pop out little ice cream cakes into a large bowl

9.  Do as they do at Coldstone and begin smashing up the ice cream cakes until relatively blended

10.  Scoop and serve!

Moral of this story?  Never give up on a good idea!  The outcome just may surprise you.

Love & Lollies...

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  1. no comment on the Popsicle. :D the outcome, however, looks yummy.

    1. No comment needed! haha It is quite yummy! xo

  2. Looks good! and I like the popsicle too, actually :P

    Angie ||

    1. I think I will try it again, next year, after I buy some popsicle molds. I just love the idea of popsicles, but the glass was impossible! haha

  3. This is such a good idea, Jessa! I am all about accidental recipes. In fact, I rarely ever actually follow a recipe... I just kinda wing everything or substitute a lot. =)

  4. Oh my god this looks amazing. I pretty much love anything 'pumpkin' so I gotta try this!

    - Sasha

  5. Your popsicle totally looks like a finger on a stick. It would actually be perfect for Halloween next year. A little raspberry drizzle and you're peachy. Not a failure; your timing was off, is all. :)

    As for your ice cream, how did you deal with the aerating part? I know whenever I've made ice cream in the past I've had to stir/roll/shake/whatever the cream almost constantly to make sure it wasn't too dense to eat.

    By the way, I totally had a "Jessa-inspired" dream last night. I was working through your tips on fantasy hair achievement and maintenance and wound up with neon pink hair! And this li'l green clover with bright pink hair? It didn't look too shabby, if I do say so myself! ;)


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xx Jessa

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