A Month in Review :: October


Beginning to go a little stir crazy!  We now have another car, but it needs some repairs.  With cash flow being tight we could not resist a little manual labor in exchange for a great bargain.  It's a blue Jeep Cherokee that matches my locks perfectly!  haha  With a little TLC, in the weeks to come, she'll be up and running and we will have a little extra cash in our pockets come these more difficult winter months.  Cannot wait to get out of this house!

Made a decision and begun the transition on where I want the shop to be.  There will be quite a few changes to help make the running of it (and the blog) more cohesive and manageable.

Started creating beauty oriented tutorials which is both nerve racking and exciting!  I love beauty tips and tricks and sharing those I have learned with anyone and everyone!  The challenge is my insecurities but hey, when isn't insecurity a challenge?

Started wearing glasses again... proudly!  Back in the beginning of my blog journey I shared with you that I wore glasses most of my childhood.  This was due to a horrible swinging accident that literally knocked me cross eyed.  Horribly embarrassing... add in the social drama of bottle bottom glasses and let's just say I "accidentally" lost a lot of glasses in my life.  

Got rain!!!  The happiness of this event has been pushed to the back burner at the moment.  With all the heartache happening up the east coast it's hard to be excited over something that has brought others such hardships.  My heart goes out to all of you and sending you all warm wishes and dry days to come.

Been holding strong to last month's promise to myself.  Trusting my heart and opening up a little more. Sharing things, creating goodies, and being less critical of myself.

Started reaching out a little more.  Sometimes it feels as though this blogging world is an ever expansive sea where you never know where you might wash up.  So I have been sending out little messages in bottles and so far have been so pleased with the acknowledgement I have been receiving.  

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween!  We did... well, nothing really!  Lame, I know, but I found being home baking treats much more rewarding.  Plus, I had my fair share of terror when I decided (as another money saving tactic) I would begin cutting my own hair.

It's funny how sentimentally attached we become to our hair.  As the first tuft of blue hit the sink I think I may have stopped breathing, but once I released my fingers I breathed a huge sigh of relieve!  The method I used was a success and I am happy to report I did not need to pull a Britney.  All my hair remains and my bangs are back in place.

How was your October?  Anything exciting to share?

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  1. Amazing post!!! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?!



  2. hope you can get your new car up and running soon! nothing blows more than having to be stuck in the house because you've got no mode of transportation.

    1. Exactly! When you have the option being home is wonderful, but when you feel "stuck" it can feel like house arrest! haha

  3. I do like roundup posts, and yours are always so lovely! Hope you manage to get the car up and running soon, and that things get a little easier. Love that you're proudly wearing your glasses after a childhood of hating them, I had exactly the same hatred of mine growing up and now I'm proud to wear them, it's so empowering, isn't it? Hope November brings fabulousness and joy to you and yours x


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