A City Hike

When you think of the city you can't help but picture sky rises, zooming cars, and busy streets.  At least this is the case for me.  I much prefer the slower pace of our mountain lifestyle.  When we decided to spend the holiday in the city I had mixed feelings.  I wanted to see my extended family, but at the same time, dreaded the idea of returning to the fast paced lifestyle of the city (even for a few days) during one of the most chaotic times of year.  We arrived late in the evening on Wednesday and were quick to unpack the pups (and ourselves) in order to pack us all right into bed after the long day's journey.

When we woke the next morning we were in awe of all the colors that engulfed their community.  Christopher Robin's family basically all live in the same little community that is the closest thing you will find to "wilderness" in the city.  There are trees of every shape and size, wildlife in abundance everywhere you turn, and trails that wind back and forth throughout it.  You could easily get lost in it all just wandering around and becoming absorbed by all the autumn splendor.  This is just what we were planning to do.  We opted for walking to his Grandparents house everyday just so we could enjoy the sites.   Taking a different trail each day and finding new discoveries all along the way.

It's amazing the discoveries you can find no matter where you are.  Even in the big city you can find all of nature's splendid things if you know where to look.  We collected everything from fallen leaves to rusty railroad ties long forgotten right below the earth's surface.  With all we did the time just seemed to fly by.  Four days easily felt like a short weekend and we were so sad to go.

Although our trip was shorter than we'd like, we had the most amazing four days of hiking, family, and wonderful food.

How did you all spend your holiday?  

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was one of my birthday treasure finds. <3

  2. whoa those mushrooms are huge! happy to hear you had a nice little holiday in the city :)

    1. They were crazy! There was literally a whole little city of them. We had to play hopscotch around them to get photos while avoiding squishing them.

  3. Love those shoes! They look comfy, too! Beautiful photos, deary!

    <3 Meg

    1. They are! My first pair of Born's I've owned that I found thrifting. I am pretty hooked on their shoes now. xo


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