A Month in Review :: November


Continuously confused this month with October.  Even this morning I thought we were heading into November now.  

Celebrated another birthday.  I am not a huge "birthday" fan.  I never did understand how people could celebrate a birthday weekend, week, or even a month?!?  Isn't one day plenty to remind those of us that another year has come and gone?  Sorry I have not shared any photos from my birthday road trip.  Honestly, a lot of the places we stopped in were a bit dicey and the camera stayed in the car, with the Rottweiler, pretty much the whole time!

Had the most amazing visit with Christopher Robin's family.

Submitted my first article/recipe for publication.  It feels so surreal to know I will be seen, in print, by people all over the world.  

Found my focus (finally) and began preparing the shop for it's re-opening.

Started working on a side project I've been longing to do for quite some time.  I'll be sure to provide all the details once there is something to physically show you all.

Started the Insanity workout and quit after only 20 minutes.  So embarrassing how horribly out of shape I am.  I am going to try again in December.

Began going on deeper walks again.  It has been sometime since the sighting of the bear family and we believe it is safe again.  One of the downfalls of living out here in the sticks is that there always seems to be some sort of predatory animal being "spotted" on some remote hill sending the locals into a warning flyer frenzy!

Got my new bike!  Well, technically, old bike.  I have been having so much fun researching her and trying to get all of her history.  So far I know that she is late 50's or (since starting my investigation) possibly even the first of the 60's Sears & Roebucks and most likely a Flightliner edition.  I'll let you know if I find more definite answers on her origins.  

Celebrated my one year of blogging mark!  A lot of people said keeping up a whole year is the first big challenge.  What do you think?  Was the one year mark a big hurtle for you?

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Bike Inspiration

beach cruiser girl with bike

 Yesterday I spent the majority of the morning daydreaming.  I had discovered an ad for a 1950's Beach Cruiser in our local classifieds and since I never did convince Christopher Robin of a Vespa it was the next best thing.  It was listed at the beginning of the month so I didn't hold my breath when contacting her as I figured it was already spoken for.  When she contacted me back stating that it was, indeed, still available I about squealed!  We arranged a casual meeting time which seemed to change every hour!  haha  So while we waited for the green light to go pick it up I couldn't help but get lost in all the lovely photos and bike inspiration floating around the internet.

 Sources:  1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8 :: 9 :: 10 :: 11 :: 12 :: 13 :: 14 :: 15 :: 16 :: 17 

By evening my lovely new bike was home!  She will be receiving a full makeover from seat to spokes but for $25 I am just fine with that.  Restoring a vintage bike to perfection is one of my dream projects!

Do any of you have a dream restoration project?

Love & Lollies...

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#Instadventure :: Nov. 27th

7:45 :: Found some rusted old nuts & bolts

 7:55 :: Found where they most likely came from

8:05 :: Collected some new feathers for my collection

8:30 :: Stumbled upon the tiniest forken shed ever!

9:30 :: Located an unidentifiable skull & half jaw

10:00 :: Kitty Miss & Armani played under the brush while I searched for mushrooms

10:30 :: Found some!

10:45 :: Finally snapped a photo of my morning shadow, Moody

With mountain lion sightings, followed by a family of bears making themselves comfortable on the hill above our house, it's been far too long since we were free to really explore.  It felt so good to get out with the fur babies in search of treasures.  So much time had passed since our last nature walk that there was so much to be found yesterday.

By the end of the morning our findings were pretty impressive.  Consisting of:

Two Skulls
One Jaw Bone
A New Feather
One Buck Shed
Two Rusty Nuts (that sounds so bad!  haha)
Two Rusted Washers
Five Rusty Bolts of all shapes and sizes
& Two Lovely Mushrooms

Feels so good to be back home on the Thousand Acre Woods!

Love & Lollies...

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A City Hike

When you think of the city you can't help but picture sky rises, zooming cars, and busy streets.  At least this is the case for me.  I much prefer the slower pace of our mountain lifestyle.  When we decided to spend the holiday in the city I had mixed feelings.  I wanted to see my extended family, but at the same time, dreaded the idea of returning to the fast paced lifestyle of the city (even for a few days) during one of the most chaotic times of year.  We arrived late in the evening on Wednesday and were quick to unpack the pups (and ourselves) in order to pack us all right into bed after the long day's journey.

When we woke the next morning we were in awe of all the colors that engulfed their community.  Christopher Robin's family basically all live in the same little community that is the closest thing you will find to "wilderness" in the city.  There are trees of every shape and size, wildlife in abundance everywhere you turn, and trails that wind back and forth throughout it.  You could easily get lost in it all just wandering around and becoming absorbed by all the autumn splendor.  This is just what we were planning to do.  We opted for walking to his Grandparents house everyday just so we could enjoy the sites.   Taking a different trail each day and finding new discoveries all along the way.

It's amazing the discoveries you can find no matter where you are.  Even in the big city you can find all of nature's splendid things if you know where to look.  We collected everything from fallen leaves to rusty railroad ties long forgotten right below the earth's surface.  With all we did the time just seemed to fly by.  Four days easily felt like a short weekend and we were so sad to go.

Although our trip was shorter than we'd like, we had the most amazing four days of hiking, family, and wonderful food.

How did you all spend your holiday?  

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Manic Monday #53

Not all those who wander are lost journal...

Beautifully bound...

Mushroom cover...
(via: ModCloth)

 These are just too darling...

Need these...

Love this concept of good deeds everyday!
(via: ModCloth)

 Lovely field diary...
(via: grams28)

 My travels...

In the years past I always had a journal with me.  I am not sure why this stopped, but lately I have started again.  I have journals for everything!  What I want to write, what I want to create, and the areas I've seen and what treasures were found.   Currently my journals are nothing fancy, leaving me longing for some of the amazing choices out there.

What are you Manic for this Monday?

Love & Lollies...

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Just a hem...

I have recently emptied out the Caked Vintage Shop.  Previously, I have implied, that I am trying to find where I want to be with the shop while creating a more cohesive package between it and the blog.  I spent about a month just blogging away, letting the shop just sort of be, while I debated.   Finally I came to the conclusion that I wanted to simplify the shop.

My problem is that when I am in search of wonderful new treasures for the shop I buy EVERYTHING!  I do not have a set form of style and admire so many different avenues that I ending up hauling off more product than I;

A) Have space for.  
B) Have time to style, photograph, and list.  

I like having the items displayed on a real person but this requires much more work and preparation.  I believe it is well worth it in the end, but when you have everything from sweaters to skirts it quickly becomes overwhelming.

I have decided to stick with packing the shop full of frocks.  Focusing on giving each dress the proper attention it deserves ensuring it's best chance of finding a new home.  Typically I would present the garments "as-is" (if there were any tiny boo-boos) while now I will be able to have the frocks repaired and altered.   I have already begun the process while stocking up on all sorts of lovely new dresses for display.  It's amazing to me how a little extra time, love, and just a hem can turn an out-of-date dress into a darling vintage frock.

I will be sure to keep everyone posted on the Caked Vintage shop re-opening!

Love & Lollies...

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