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I just adore wine boxes and can never seem to find enough to supply my ever growing list of ways to repurpose them.  Our home is your typical 1970's vibe.  Everything is wood paneling complete with orange hued accents so you really can't go wrong with adding wood decor within it.  One of my favorite repurposes I've created using one of these little wooden boxes is a spa box for our guests.  It is such a simple concept that is always such a hit with those who partake in extended stays at our home.

I like to fill the box with everything our guests may need from towels, extra paper, candles, and toothbrushes.  Since I have an uncontrollable need to accept samples, from any company offering, I find we always have an endless supply of anything a guest may need, thus stocking the box using items that particular guest may require.   We have a couple coming to stay soon therefor I added some extra things such as men's deodorant, shaving cream, and a razor.   Can't forget the boys now!  As a finishing touch I always like to include a special little treat just for that guest.  Recently I have become quite found of Baby Duck Soap Co's Swirly Mint Chocolate Soap so I thought it would be nice to share a slice of their Fresh Cut Grass soap with our guests.

Once the little box is filled I place it on their bed for them to explore while they are settling into their room.  It's such a simple way to brighten your guests day!

Love & Lollies...

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  2. This is such a lovely idea!
    Claire x

  3. Oh Jessa, you are SUCH a sweetheart! I am not at all surprised to see something like this on your blog - a way to make your guests feel even more welcome! I absolutely love it!! Definitely want to make a version of my own someday!

  4. Where do you get your wine boxes? Love this idea!


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