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The night before us girls had a simple night of cosmo's and Sex in the City (when the movie had just come out) and just sat around giggling while sipping our fruity drinks.  This was all I wanted for my "bachelorette" party.  No Vegas fiasco's, no wild and crazy limo adventures, just a night in our pj's laughing of memories come and gone.  Those are the little things you truly reflect on once you are a wife.  The simpler times when you were just a girl whose biggest concern was what you would be waring the next day and what color you'd paint your toes.

The morning was an early one and with three girls sharing a bed we all slept a little restlessly.  We were up at six and off to Starbucks before the sun broke.  After gulping down my Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha (Jessa's Java, haha) my MOH and I were off to the site and decorating.  The majority of the wedding was DIY but I will touch on that more later.  Once we returned it was into our chairs and into hair and makeup.  I was told I was one of the most "mellow" brides when it came to getting ready for the big day.  When I am nervous, anxious, or stressed I tend to bottle up within myself and decompress in solitude.   It's a blessing when all you want is everything to go smoothly.  All us girls remained relatively calm throughout the morning even with all the buzzing activity happening around us.   It was quite amusing to see my mother take on my roll of Prenuptial Police since the job was obviously not being fulfilled.  Demanding no one bearing any said chocolaty drinks come within yards of my white dress!  Oh how I wish I had inherited a little more of Momma's assertive genes.

I am happy to report Momma did an amazing job and my white dress remained as such.  Off to the ceremony where my love was already waiting for his late, as usual, bride.

Love & Lollies...

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  1. wow Jessa, that picture with the dress is breathttaking! although I must say the other ones are pretty as well<3

    x Angie ||

  2. This is so cute. You definitely look like a very calm bride, and what a cool dude in the sunnies to top it all off.

  3. First off, you don't look like you've aged a day since your wedding haha. Your veil is beautiful and the pics are great!

  4. Very beautiful! We didn't have a bachlorette party either. My wife's Best friend wanted to do strippers and all that,and I was like : hell no! To this day were still glad we didn't :) You look fabulous, I love seeing your wedding photos.



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  6. I'm having so much fun looking through these pictures and reading about your wedding! Alright, so it's not exactly in order because I'm like a week behind on reading blogs... but still. =D You are SO pretty, Jessa!

  7. Oh, Jessa that back shot of your jaw dropping just jaw dropping. What a stunning gown!!!
    For my friend's wedding last year, we had a similar night before the big day with a small group of us girlfriends. We had mimosas and watched cartoons in the hotel. It was sooo fun and sweet and memorable. :)


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