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It is not often I get "all serious up in here" with my writing.  I find that even stating a personal opinion, on a debatable topic, can send the masses into an uproar.  It's not that I am scared of the repercussions of my thoughts spoken aloud, but of the fact that I could possibly hurt of offend someone by sharing these thoughts.  The saying goes "somethings are better left unsaid" but who is that decider?  We are... opinions should be cautiously considered before bringing them into the daylight.  I know in the past you have enjoyed my posts that are a little deeper so therefor I will attempt to write a little more often.  I need to let go of the fear that someone may believe my words were indented to wound.  Why?  Because I am not that type of person.  I need to be know who I am when I write and have faith that my intent will not be misunderstood.  My words come from my soul and as long as my intentions come, truly, from the heart, my fears should be irrelevant.

Now onto the topic at hand... Facebook.  Now before your jaw drops to the floor in disappointment --at revealing such an unmoving topic-- let me clarify.  My topic is less about Facebook as opposed to social media... still not impressed?  My topic is even more so about people's inability to communicate in a physically social environment?   Hopefully that has brought you back on board with where this is all going.  Recently I noticed a buzz of activity occurring around a status post regarding the constant bombardment of ranting, negative and/or accusatory posts flooding our timelines.  What was attended to be a short and sweet response on my part, quickly became a brief novel on the evolution of human interaction.  Instead of posting my long winded evaluation on the human species I chopped it down and brought the rest here.  My point was this:  People are losing and/or neglecting the ability to handle physical interaction with one another.  In a day in age where technology has become our primary source of emotional, physical, and mental gratification, it's only expected that it would become our primary source of social fulfillment as well.

With sites like Twitter and Facebook prominently placed on our desktops, homepages, and smart phones who didn't see this coming.  The problem?  People are just becoming more and more crippled when dealing with interactions in, what is now considered, "real life" situations.  Something that was designed to create an alternate avenue of communication with those we were typically unable to connect with (person to person) has become our sole avenue of communication.  It has been taken from secondary source to first coarse in a matter of years and it doesn't seem to be letting up in the slightest.
I feel as though we are being sucked deeper and deeper into a technological state where physical person to person interaction is becoming more and more irrelevant and/or unnecessary.  Breakups are occurring through status changes while friendships dissolved with a click of a button.

What is truly concerning to me, about this scenario, is the ease people are using this state as a way to hurt others.  No, this is not about "cyber bulling"... it's more about how easy it has become for us to hurt people in mass without ever needing to show our faces or wash any staining off our palms.  In the past you would have to contemplate the words being said prior to revealing your heart of hearts.  Our thoughts, even towards a loved one, may not always be positive but in times past you still had to consider your approach when revealing these feelings.  People were forced to hash things out while nowadays it feels more like a hit and run.  How fast our "home" or "feed" refreshing is quickly turning into a fresh on slaughter of negative notions being presented then retaliated by those around us.   With Facebook friends reaching the thousands, for some, where is the consideration of how a silly little stereotype spoof might make one of those people feel?  Who would dare acknowledge such an outlook in a room physically filled with people who fall victim to said stereotyping?

When did it become not only okay, but cool to hang our dirty laundry and/or negative outlooks out for the world to see?  And when we click that little like button are we saying that it is okay to do these things?  Think that way?  Or act as though there will be no repercussions of our actions because that person is not physically present to defend themselves?  Is this new form of absent attacking creating a false sense of invincibility among our society thus preventing the natural adaption of an inner filter?  When did the saying "somethings are better left unsaid" get left so far behind?

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Interesting post, very well said! It's so true though, with being able to hide behind the computerscreen, people often voice thoughts they wouldn't dare say when in public. Public social etiquette should apply to the internet as well, and thats how I try to go about it at least. Anyway, your thoughts were way more eloquent than mine so I'm going to leave it at this

    Oh except, I love Demi's Skyscraper :)

    x Angie

    1. Totally agree with the public social etiquette and also agree that you've got it Love! You are always so kind to people. xo

    2. aww that's sweet, thanks! same to you, of course!

  2. I love your blog! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by my blog and return the favor! ;-)



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