Style Confessions :: Pine Cone Decor & Hummingbirds Galore

♥ It's All in the Details ♥
Dress - ModCloth
Vest - Thrifted Vintage
Shoes - Minnetonka Moccasins 
Crown - Handmade (Tutorial Here)
Necklace - Forever 21

It never fails that come this time of year I become completely obsessed with the pine cones that scatter the ground in abundance.  From home decor to fashion adorned I collect them by the baskets full.  With basket in tow Armani and I spent our morning collecting and pick the best of the best.  I love how Armani loves to play bloodhound and sniff out the cones nestled in the leaves.  Goes to show he holds a lot more of my characteristics than I'd like to admit at times.  I will say that pets really do take after their owners.  Christopher Robin still chuckles every time he stumbles across Armani & I watching our favorite crime shows.  He cannot help but point out, yet again, that we are both sitting there with the same face of concentration that consists of a puckered brow and the biting of our tongues leaving the tip of them exposed between our lips.  As much as I roll my eyes at these remarks I can't help but look at Armani and burst out laughing when he glances back at me like a furry reflection of myself!

I have grown so fond of these mornings with my littlest man and wouldn't trade them for the world now.  I am so excited to start creating some wonderful treasures from our findings!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Adorable head piece! I love the print on your dress and all the earthy colors. Nice job!

    1. Thank you! I will be creating a DIY for the head piece soon! xo

  2. Super cute handmade crown! :O Your hair is awesome :D

  3. I like pine cones too. They smell woodsy and sweet. They make great decorations too.
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  4. That is a pretty outfit! Love your shoes and aww you and your dog <3 adorable!


  5. This is such an angelic looking shoot, absolutely stunning <3

  6. thats such a pretty dress + your dog is adorable ;) x
    my sisters little blog xx

  7. Jessa, you and Armani are SO CUTE!! Love your little pup's name too!

  8. Aww, what a sweet post! I love collecting things in Autumn too, especially little acorns. I love your dress too, btw, and the vest matches the brown tone perfectly! :)

    - Sasha


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