Manic Monday #47

Ballerina fabric...

Polka dot mushrooms...
(via: WitSister)

Tangerine floral fabric...
(via: CuteBrightFun)

Bark cloth...

Antique florals...
(via: YacketUSA)

Red and blue cherries...

70's Flower power...

Possibly one of the more odd obsessions I have had to date.  I have been manically snatching up lovely prints all weekend as our town was just full of rummage, yard, and estates sales.  With my treasure of choice being lovely linens and fabulous vintage fabrics there was plenty to be found.  I am happy to say my stock has been nicely updated.

What have you been manic for?

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  1. What do you make with all those cool fabrics?

    1. I actually use them for display purposes... for the most part. They make for such a lovely back drop! xo

  2. The tangerine fabric looks great... :P

    I found your blog on FBL bloggers, so I'm following you now. I hope you follow back as well. ;)

  3. Fun!! I want to learn to sew sometime, so I need to start picking up cute fabrics!

  4. love that ballerina print. I always wanted to be a ballerina but my lack of motivation killed that dream

  5. This blog is helpful for was really useful.

  6. All these cute fabrics make me want to sew dresses!




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